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Split Ends Even After Haircut

Visiting the hairdresser would be the best option to get rid of these unwanted split ends.  But what if you’re still facing them even after making the trip to the hair salon to supposedly bid farewell to them? Regardless of our hair condition, everybody gets split ends and nobody ever wants them. Exposure to extreme weather conditions, daily heat styling, and chemical hair products are some of the most common reasons why split ends are unavoidable. Source: Try Cutting Using Hot Scissors  Source:  It might be the first time that you’re hearing something like this (it is mine) — Arsen Gurgov, professional hairstylist and founder of Arsen Gurgov Salon, revealed that having your hair cut with hot scissors might actually...

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History of Hair in Culture and Society

*This article was written by a non-Black individual after thorough and in-depth research. Should there be any discrepancies, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can rectify the error immediately. Hair has always empowered our individual identities and remains one of the easiest methods of identification. Our mane is our pride and joy, the brainchild of whichever period of time we are experiencing in our lives. It is a silent extension of ourselves through style, texture, and color. But how is hair tied to our deeper roots? In various cultures and societies, hair is a symbol of youthfulness and beauty in women. Contrasting with men, hair symbolizes virility, and masculinity. While this may be seemingly superficial, the history of...

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5 Uncommon Ingredients In Hair Products

Nobody reads the back of product labels, do they?  If you’re worried about your glacial hair growth process or if your hair seems to be drier than the Sahara Desert, you should know more about unconventional ingredients that are used for hair growth inside your hair care product.  Here are the top five most uncommon ingredients in hair products: Beer Whether you’re a day-drinker or party animal, beer is more than just a means for you to get tipsy and forget life’s most pressing issues. Packed with Vitamin B, proteins, minerals, and natural sugars, beer is used in a wide variety of hair care products. Products containing beer tend to target consumers whose hair tends to be on the drier...

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Best Home Remedy For Split Ends

The bad news is split ends are an inevitable part of life, so no matter how much you condition it, they will still have a way to come into your life.  Many factors are behind the cause of split ends, such as extreme weather conditions, blow-drying, curling, straightening, coloring, and using chemical hair products.  What is the best home remedy for split ends? Although the most effective way to get rid of split ends is to trim your hair, some home natural remedies to treat split ends include oils, home-made hair masks while avoiding to over-brush and over-wash your hair.  Split ends, also known as “trichoptilosis” or “schizotrichia” in medicine, occur due to the splitting of hair towards the end of...

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How To Cover Up A Botched Haircut

The haunting snip chirping in your ears is confirmation enough that you’ll have to do the walk of shame every morning while heading to life because your new look is either too short or just wrong. Your awful haircut might seem horrible now, but there's nothing a little product can't help with. Sheenon Olson, a celebrity stylist, and owner of Atma Beauty in Miami. said Change your styling technique until you grow out the cut .  It’s just a bad haircut, not a bad life and we’ve compiled a bunch of ways you can cover up a botched haircut to save you from massive embarrassment. Covering Botched Haircut With a Cap The easiest way is to hide your hair with a...

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