Wowo Ginger Shampoo Honest Review

Wowo Ginger Shampoo

In this review on Wowo Ginger Shampoo, we will share several old news on Wowo ginger shampoo such as complaints, side effects, MLM problems and also possible fake Wowo Ginger shampoo in the market,

Wowo ginger shampoo bad review

These are mostly old news we found and collate. The product seems more legit now that it has survived all the bad reviews and news.

A review at said that hair fall is still the same with 1 month of use, even though it feels cooler and claims that 1 week is sufficient to see results.

Origin of Wowo Ginger Shampoo

We start with where Wowo ginger shampoo is made in. It is officially made in China, Guangzhou specifically based on the Wowo website. Wowo is internationally distributed in more than 30 countries like Japan, Canada, UK, Dubai, Australia, Hongkong, and Singapore. (We also noted the various amateur typos in the website for the listed countries so it was probably created by non-English speaking person).

Wowo claimed it owned its factory and R&D team, unlike other companies that just rebrand from other's factories.

Wowo Ginger Shampoo side effects

From a reseller, WoWo Pure Ginger shampoo also contains ALS (ammonium lauryl sulfate) instead of SLS (sodium laureth sulfate). There was also a comparison between SLS and ALS which states ALS is around 4/10 as an irritant, with SLS being 10/10. It is hard to benchmark since most products don't use SLS.

(ALS, by contrast, is a far more complex molecule and is physically much larger. This means that it is practically impossible for ALS molecules to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and so reach the delicate underlying layers of cells. Due to this difference, ALS is regarded as being considerably less irritating than SLS – on a scale of 0 to 10, where the potential irritancy of water is 0 and that of SLS is 10, ALS scores around 4 – far less irritating than SLS.
Green People only use ALS in those formulations based on organic floral waters. We have found from experience that using other surfactants with floral waters results in formulations that are not stable or effective in use.) 

Fake Wowo Ginger Shampoo

One of the common things when trying to buy Wowo ginger shampoo is that everyone is 

  • claiming theirs is authentic
  • asking you to be wary of fake sellers

It is interesting how much fake Wowo Ginger there are, compared to news of fake shampoo from other highly reputable brands. It is hard to tell which are real given QR code can be fake easily.

Fake Wowo Ginger Shampoo

Wowo Ginger Shampoo MLM / complaints

For those who didn't know, Wowo Ginger uses something similar to Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Xiaxue posted a series of Instagram Stories which expressed her disapproval of the WoWo marketing strategy, which she says a tweaked version of MLM scheme, typically illegal in Singapore.

She received backlash from WoWo distributors and users alike but also received encouragement and back-up from her followers and other influencers like Sophie Willocq, who also posted a story about her stance on the saga.

Wowo Ginger Shampoo MLM Prices


Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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