What color hair dye lasts the longest

Hair dye lasts differently so which are the color hair dye that lasts the longest?

Type of Dye How long dye lasts
Semi-permanent hair color 4-8 weeks, before fading naturally
Examples of Semi-Permanent Colours are
* Manic Panic color dye last  4-8 weeks, darker color lasts longest,
* Arctic Fox hair dye lasts 4-8 weeks,
* Splat hair dye lasts around 4-5 weeks
Permanent hair color 6-16 weeks, best for covering gray hair.
Examples include Joico, Hoyu, L'OReal, Redken and Wella.
Henna hair dye  8-16 weeks
Demi-permanent hair color 5-12 weeks.
Example of demi-permanent hair color is Pravana
Temporary hair dye  1 day
Kool-aid hair dye 2-4 weeks
Allergic reaction to hair dye  Symptoms of hypersensitivity to hair dye may last anywhere from a few days to a week or more, depending on the severity of the reaction.
Coffee hair dye 1 week
Lime crime unicorn hair color 10-12 weeks
Beetroot hair dye 1 day
Jello hair dye 1 - 3 weeks


In terms of color, we also asked around and TheLoookSalon shared that dark purple dye color lasts the longest. Based on the product they used, dark purple usually fades to an Ash purple - Ash - silver and lastly blonde. Below are photos courtesy of TheLoookSalon:

Violet Hair Color

The clients really love the transition of the colors. It will take about 5-6 weeks for this color to fade into blonde. The product they used also doesn't stain the hair and allows their client to change color easier.

Purple Hair Dye

In our view, the more contrasting colors used (e.g. brown on white hair or bleach colors on black hair), the longer the effect lasts because you used more of the dye to achieve the color. Hair dye that contains ammonia to open hair cuticle also lasts longer but risk damaging your hair. The same goes for the usage of bleach. We will also share about hair dye for cosplay and other information about hair dyes you probably didn't know. 

Hair Dye Lasts the Longest

Hair Dye For Cosplay

For Asian hair, you may use a semi-permanent wash in color which coats your hair strand with color but has no ammonia or peroxide so you aren't altering the color of the follicle just coating it. It should wash out easily without any weird leftover effects. Temporary hair dye also comes in spray-on versions, pastes, mousses, gels, and products that you can put on your hair during a shampoo. Just remember that even temporary hair dye will damage or cause your hair to be dry and brittle.

What Age Is Ok To Dye Your Hair?

Children have much finer hair than adults, and since hair dye and bleach can be damaging, the damage might be more deep and harmful to children than an adult. Therefore, it is recommended to delay hair dye as late as possible (or don't dye if possible. Sorry kids, we won't help you get a hair dye). "

How Do I Know If Allergic To Hair Dye

Some people are allergic to hair dyes and react to them. Symptoms will usually appear within 48 hours, although strong irritants may cause your skin to react immediately. Symptoms include

  • itchy skin a raised, red skin rash

  • swollen eyes, lips, hands, and feet – eyelids can swell until the closing of eyes is hard

  • feeling lightheaded

  • faint swelling of the mouth, throat or tongue, which can cause breathing 

  • swallowing difficulties wheezing tummy pain, nausea and vomiting collapsing

  • in the worst case, becoming unconscious

Allergic reactions can also happen only on your 2nd or subsequent times too as our body develops differently.

What Cause Allergic To Hair Dye

As expected, the hair dye contains so many chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. The main cause of allergic reactions is caused by an ingredient called paraphenylenediamine (PPD). PPD is found in tattoo ink, printer ink, and gasoline too.

Allergic To Hair Dye What Can I Use To Cover Grey

You will have to find a doctor to find exactly what chemical that is causing your allergic reaction. Even natural hair dye can cause problems too so do find a doctor or try a strand test to confirm the dye work and you are not feeling unwell from use. Of course, if all else fails, don't dye your hair (even though we know grey is not acceptable for many of us).

Can Hair Dye Expire?

Hair dye usually doesn't expire but manufacturers usually recommend 2-3 years from their manufacturing date. Upon expiry, the dye might not work as well as expected.

How To Dispose Of Unopened Hair Dye

Unopened hair dye can be disposed of normally in its package whereby it will be incinerated. Some people recommended not pouring down the drain as it could result in toxic water. The best way is to give it away to someone who would use it.

How To Dispose Of Leftover Hair Dye

Similar to unopened hair dye, just throw it away. If you only left a little, you could flush out the dye with water and recycle the plastic bottle. This will reduce one more waste in the world.
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