What To Do While Getting Your Hair Done

While getting your hair done for half a day, try to relax and enjoy yourself. Sleeping and looking at your phone might seems rude especially if your stylist is talking to you, as seen by this stylist.

While getting your hair done, you should not do what will frustrate your stylist. There's nothing wrong with asking questions. You never know what kind of experience you're going to have until you ask. You can also ask about your hair maintenance. 

I'm going to get my hair done. Should I do anything else while getting it done?

  • Check with the hair stylist how long it will take. Make sure your body is not too hungry or too full that you need to go to the toilet. Some hairdo or braiding can take over 6 hours.
  • Keep your belonging safe. Your bag and phone should be secured since it will take some time and you might doze off at times while waiting.
  • Ask questions to your stylist. If you feel like talking about something interesting, then ask questions about the hairstylist’s life. Ask her how he/she got into the business, where he/she went to school, and which style he/she likes best. This way, you will learn more about her and she will be able to talk about herself. You can also ask hair-related questions such as "What kind of hair products or shampoo should I use?" and "How often should I wash my hair with them?"
  • Be patient. Getting your hair done takes time. Sometimes people just take forever to finish doing your hair. Try to stay calm and relaxed. 
  • Enjoy yourself. If you want, you can catch up on your drama series or sleep but note that it is considered rude to some hair stylists. Going to the salon shouldn't feel like a chore. Have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • Prepare compliments for others and your stylist. No matter how good you look, you can always make someone else day by complimenting them or being nice. Take advantage of that fact and let them how thankful you are and they might comment about how amazing you look. You can read our post on the best compliment for a hairstylist.
  • Leave feeling happy. After you leave the salon, you should feel satisfied. If you didn't leave feeling happy, then you probably weren't treated well.
  • Give feedback. If you had a bad experience, give the salon owner feedback as soon as possible. Tell them what happened and how you would improve things. 
  • Pay attention to details. If you notice something unusual about your hair, say something. Maybe your hair was cut unevenly or maybe you noticed a strange odor coming off your head. These small details can sometimes mean big problems delaying your time.
  • Look at magazines for styles. Even if you do not plan to change your style for some time, it is worth discovering trends and discussing with your stylist to learn what he/she think is suitable for you and what is not. It can be frustrating to your next stylist if you don't know exactly what you want.
  • Ask for promotions. The salon will think you are interested and might have promotions or packages suitable for you. Since you are waiting, you might as well ask for their promotions for next time or even leave a good review. 
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