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Does Plantur 21 Really Work?

We didn't get to try the Plantur series but someone asked about it so we gathered as much as we can on it. Does Plantur 21 really work? Caffeine, the touted active ingredient, is not an approved treatment or drug for hair loss. Nevertheless, the maker of Plantur cited many studies that Researchers have found that a leave-on combination of caffeine plus key B vitamins stimulates hair growth enough to increase the cross-sectional area of scalp hair by as much as 10%, producing a noticeable thickening effect on thinning hair  They concluded that caffeine shampoo was significantly more effective than placebo, with more than twice as many people randomized to use caffeine shampoo stating they were satisfied with the results (84.8%) compared with...

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Does Scalp Brush Help With Dandruff

Rising in popularity is the affordable scalp massage handheld brush meant specifically for scrubbing your head. A scalp massage, like any massage, can be incredibly relaxing and indulgent. Source: But does a scalp brush help with dandruff? There is no direct research that scalp brushes can help dandruff, but there are studies showing scalp health impacts hair growth. Health professionals also believed that using a scalp brush can be useful for overall hair health. "A dry scalp does not directly cause hair loss, however, dryness can cause flakiness, irritation, inflammation, itchiness, and maybe dandruff", said Dr Bessam Farjo, Hair Restoration Surgeon & Hair Loss Expert. "Stress can aggravate conditions like a dry scalp so it will be good to...

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I Hate Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Switched to sulfate-free shampoo and hate it?  Yes, it is not surprising with many other haters too after suffering hair damage. Sulfate-free shampoo bad experience Is Sulfate-Free Shampoo Really Better For Hair? Many had poor experiences from itch, grease, breakage which is unexpected and we gathered them across the Internet:- Kayla Gamel said, "I switched to all sulfate and paraben-free shampoos and all of them slowly caused my scalp to itch, burn and lose a lot of hair" BurberryStreet in Reddit said, "Now my hair is frizzier, and it gets greasier faster (I used to be able to go without a wash about 4-5 days, now have to wash every 3 days or wear a hat, and I hate hats)....

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Straight Hair Turning Curly? Here's Why

Realized your hair is turning curly? You are not alone. Why Straight Hair Can Turn Curly? Hormonal changes can change your hair from straight to curly, from fine to coarse. Besides puberty and stress, being pregnant, menopause, and chemotherapy, low hair porosity, change in shampoo, changes in muscles at the base of the hair follicle, will affect your hormone balance and these changes affect your hair texture and style. Puberty Causing Curly Hair  The most common reason is just growing up and puberty. Puberty makes all kinds of changes to your body, including your voice and your hair. This can happen as young as 7 to as old as 20 years old. This is very common and we saw many...

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Great Plains Lab Hair Test [Step-By-Step With Images]

My Great Plains hair test results helped my integrative doctor to develop strategies to support my body through appropriate diet and supplementation. Rice and traditional Chinese herbs can be high in arsenic, and fish contains more mercury; hence, I stopped eating or consume less of it to let my body eliminate the metals first.  Below is my 0.2g of hair. I also did a urine test for mycotoxins hence the FedEx clinical pack. If you order only the hair test, a paper envelope is given.  Pro of Great Plains Lab Hair Test Overall, this test is useful, and when combined with other health screening results, I get a clearer picture. The results explained some nagging symptoms that I had for...

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