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What Kind of Hairstyle is Most Suited For A Job Interview?

Think of going for a job interview like attending a date.  Maria Del Russo reported at Instyle with photos how different hairstyles widely affected the dates, with top knot being the worst at 0 dates out of 18 matches (0%) compared to the best straight hair getting 2 dates out of 32 matches (6%) So does hair matter in an interview? From the minute you step into the interview room to the minute you exit, your body language and outward appearance are being scrutinized by your employers. Even though the hair seems so minute, you’ll be surprised at how some employers are unpleased with candidates turning up with unkempt hair and disgruntled appearance. If you turn up for a date looking all...

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Can I wash my hair after dying it

The first question that pops in your mind is: Can I wash my hair now? If not, how long should I wait? Can I wash my hair immediately after dying We checked with experts and got some answers. Ryan Pearl, a celebrity colorist, who has Hailey Bieber, Georgia Fowler, and many others as notable clients recommend waiting for at least 24-hours before you have your first shampoo after coloring.  Tina Outen, founder of Tian Did It salon at Ricky’s in New York City, advice to wait for at least 48 hours before washing your hair. Leo Izquierdo, the founder of celebrity hair salon IGK salons, suggests waiting for 72 hours before applying shampoo to your hair. What does science say about washing...

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Kundal Shampoo Honest Review

We collected more reviews online so you can find them here about the fast-growing popular Kundal Shampoo. Since we last updated, it is now available almost everywhere including Guardian, Lazada, Qoo10. Table of Content Reviews from Online  Pros and Cons  Features and Ingredients of Kundal Shampoo History of Kundal brand Where to Buy Kundal Shampoo Reviews from online Anastasia from Influenster said, "I do not care for the shampoo. It tends to make my hair greasy. But I use the treatment as a conditioner and let it sit in my hair for ten minutes and it makes my hair so nice and soft. It doesn’t make my dyed hair fade any faster than normal. Tons of scents and none have...

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Dissolving Dandruff In Water

Since the 1960s, anti-dandruff shampoos used pyrithione zinc, which can inhibit the growth of yeast as the main factor in dandruff. Can you dissolve dandruff in water? Dandruff is dead skin and there is no easy way to dissolve dandruff flakes without tough chemical. Washing the flakes away in water is easy but it requires more work for a long-term solution to the root cause of your dandruff, albeit fungi, dry skin, or sensitive or oily skin. Can you wash dandruff with water? You can wash dandruff with water to get rid of the flakes but it does not solve the root cause of the flakes, which can be a yeast infection or dry or oily scalps. Washing with water can...

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Shampoo Not Lathering Answered

Sulfate creates the lather in most shampoo and is actually not required in conditioners. Nevertheless, why some shampoo doesn't lather? Shampoo does not lather if there are insufficient foaming agents in its ingredients or there are dirt, oils or chemical that breaks the bubbles immediately.  Is it bad if the lather is not formed after applying shampoo to hairs A shampoo without lather is bad for cleansing since surfactant lather is required to dissolve and create surface tension to clean things like dandruff that cannot be washed with water alone. However, not all lathers are good as they can be created by unhealthy and inexpensive foaming agents like sodium lauryl sulfate or cocamide DEA, MEA, or TEA. Sapna Palep of Spring Street...

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