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Will hair choked toilet bowl

Dropping hair more than usual and wonder if it will choke your toilet bowl? Yes, hair could end up choking your toilet because it doesn't decompose and weak flushes could make hair clump together into a big mess. Therefore you need to be prepared with some tools before you need to find a plumber. That is why plumbers are still around with technology advances and expensive toilets.   What to do if you have a choked toilet bowl? Try a strong flush - A weak flush could cause the drainage pipe to clog, which will lead to a choke (probably from trying to save water and money). But do you know that if your toilet flush is strong, but the flushing of the waste seems...

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Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly Review

This article is my personal opinion over the Sugarlolo konjac jelly review. Over the years I have personally studied over a lot of varieties of the manufacturers of such low-calories diet jellies that are basically used for weight loss purposes and also for those who are suffering from diabetes.  Quick Takeaway of Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly Review What is Good about Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly Snack Low Calories of 4kCal (to note kilo Cal in food is the same as Calories which you exercise) Uses naturally-occurring fruit sugar instead of High GI alternative like Maltitol (High GI is bad for diabetes as your blood sugar still spike) What is Bad about Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly Snack Manufactured in Korean and packaging in Korea...

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PHYTOCYANE Botanical Densifying Shampoo Honest Review

Phytocyane Densifying Treatment Shampoo restores vitality by encouraging blood flow to the hair bulb which helps to promote growth. It is ideal for use in conjunction with Phytocyane thinning hair treatment. Reviews of Pytocyane If you found during self-diagnosis that you have tiny bumps on your head for a prolonged period, it is recommended to try the Pytocyane shampoo. It is known to help in scalp folliculitis which causes hair bumps. Pytocyane makes great products and also help in thinning hair gradually. The keyword gradually is because it is a long battle to cure thinning hair and no hair product can claim to cure it besides hair transplant or operations. Who is Pytocyane not suitable for? People who don't like bubbly...

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Can Hair Be Digested?

When people swallow the hair that they have on their body, they become so paranoid about the consequences of having to swallow their hair.  The rumor that many people have about swallowing of hair is that when you swallow hair, it stays in your stomach forever. Can Hair be Digested? The human hair is such that it contains a structured kind of protein that is called Keratin and for this reason, the impact on the human body is minimal except when it does undergo some level of chemical restructuring. Mere logic of how the stomach works were that when we ingest things, our stomach processes those things and then we defecate them out if it cannot be processed. This is...

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Why Hair Dryer Sound Is Relaxing

People have evolved to love dryer sound for several reasons. This might sound alarming to many who only viewed a dryer as a hair tool. The fact is that our heart rates will change when there is a certain type of noise. This is the main reason why most of the people today are going for white noise for relaxation and comfort. This sounds works to relax the subconscious and eventually allows you to focus on the work at hand. The sound is aimed at interrupting your brain in ways that typical music does. With all the different rhythms and intuitions, dryer sound is an important part of sound masking. It blocks all the other sounds in the surroundings such...

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