How much does long hair weigh

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Precisely how much does your long hair weigh? Your long hair weighs 3kg given the following assumptions 

  • The average person has 100,000 hairs on their head.
  • Each hair is cylindrical shaped, with a diameter of 0.03 cm, and a long hair length of 30 cm
  • Hair can float on water so its density could be the same as normal water which is 1 gm/cm^3.

We have researched some fun facts and records about hair weight in the Internet and gonna share with you. 

For a separate question on how much heavier does wet hair weigh, do check out our other post.

Some people, even Youtubers, used a weighing scale to try and find out so you can try too if you are really interested! We also look at more fun facts about hair weight in the following sections.

How much does my hair weigh

If you want to know an estimated weight of your own hair, we came up with the following useful guideline using your hair length. Just put your hair down and measure your longest strand of hair.

  • Hair Length of 10cm - 1kg
  • Hair Length of 20cm - 2kg
  • Hair Length of 30cm - 3kg
  • Hair Length of 40cm - 4kg
  • Hair Length of 50cm - 5kg
  • Hair Length of Record Holder with Longest Hair 120cm ~ 12kg

Of course, the weight would be most accurate with your head size, hair density but those are really hard to measure for a normal person.

How much would Rapunzel hair weigh

For people who didn't know, Rapunzel is one of the princesses in Disney. Her hair was estimated to be 27m long and 28kg (given the height of Tower of London). She had such a long hair because she wanted a prince to save her in a tall tower that she is trapped in. With such heavy hair, you can understand why there isn't any movie about her yet. Imagine which superstar has to carry that weight of hair around.

Guinness World Record for the heaviest ball of hair

The World Record for the heaviest ball of hair goes to a male barber (yes, not female). Henry Coffer from the USA collected hair into a giant hairball that weighs 75.7 kg and 1.2m high as of 08 December 2008. Henry Coffer, a 77-year-old barber began saving hair at the request of a customer. Over the 50 plus years he has been collecting, he has found many uses for his hair clippings, patching potholes, gardening, soil fertilizer and such.

Guinness World Record for longest hair

The World Record for the longest hair belongs to a Chinese lady, Xie Qiuping from China, at a length of 5.627m when measured on 8 May 2004. She grew her hair since 1973 from the age of 13. Not as long as the imaginary "Rapunzel" but it is definitely a handful to manage hair that is 2x longer than yourself. 

Guinness World Record for Longest hair for teenager

Given the record for longest hair is probably hard to beat, there is a new record for longest hair on a teenager. It belongs to Abril Lorenzatti, from Argentina and her hair is 1.52m long. She took 11 years to grow her hair due to a bad haircut. 

Her secret to long hair is just washing every other day and uses regular store-bought shampoo and conditioner. (Good to be young!) Her mother helps her detangle part of the ends which are difficult to reach and then she just lets it air dry. The only problems are when walking in windy conditions or climbing the stairs.


We hope you learn something new besides the weight of your hair. Find more interesting information from our hair care blog as we will keep updating it.

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