Crystal for hair growth

Crystals for Hair Growth

Hair is one of the body features that are very significant to the body; this is the reason why everyone tries at first to keep their hair in good condition before they go before people. Having healthy hair is very important for your overall health of the body. Hair loss is one problem that was not so common before, now the cases have increased a lot and are just a threat to human health. If you realize that you are losing the hair you should make a very quick move to find a solution, there are very many solutions that you can explore to help you recover your hair, however, the natural hair treatment is the best option, and this is the use of crystal stones.

Why are crystals better for growing hair?

Crystal stones were well known as magical stones, which were used mostly for spiritual issues and healings, however, there is a lot of importance these stones bring to your hair. Crystal stones produce special kind of rays which are responsible for stimulating and energizing your scalp, this will feed your hair cells with nutrients as a result of stimulation of the scalp, new hair will then be able to sprout again and your hair will grow healthy again. The rays will also help in removing dandruff from your hair. If you are vulnerable to UV rays, this is the best method to use for you to recover your hair and keep it healthy.

Crystal for Hair

How to maximize the effect of crystal

There are a few tips you can use that will make sure that you get the best results for your hair treatment, these tips are;

  • The crystal should be left in the sun for some time or even in the moonlight for at least 12 hours, this  will help the crystals to regain its energy, after this, you can now wear it around your head, this will help the stones to work better
  • Clean the crystals daily, you should make sure that you remove all the dust that might have been attached to the stone, this should be done by passing the stone in water that is running for some time, you should not do this in still water because it will not work.
  • You can also place the stone in water for at least 6 hours and place it in the sun, this means that the stone should be in transparent glass to allow penetration of the sun rays.

Types of crystals and how they will help your hair to heal

There are many different types of crystal stones that are very important for your hair growth, these stones include;

  • Clear quartz
  • Just as the name suggests, this is a very clear stone that helps in dealing with the cell in the hair that is dead which normally for dandruff. The stone removes the dead cells hence helping the hair to be stronger, which means your hair, will not come off easily. This involves purifying your stone by infusing it into the water and put the water and the stone in the sunlight after some time you can now remove the stone and use the wash to wash your hair.

  • Smoky quartz
  • This is another stone that is good for removing dandruff from your hair; the stone destroys the microbes that damage the hair hence making your hair look healthy and shiny. The stone also removes some pests that night is in your hair like the lice. This involves cleaning the stone and holding it in your hand and by the use of positive mantra you can charge your stone, this should be repeated several times in a day for it to work better.

  • Moonstone
  • This crystal stone helps in dealing with hair problems that bring about thinning hair. The stone coats your hair with the moisture which helps in preventing breaking of your hair; this, in turn, strengthens your hair. This stone works just fine regardless of the type of hair you are having. To use this stone, put the stone in your hand and do yoga to charge your stone. This should be done several times every week for you to achieve the results.

  • Sunstone
  • This stone works just like the hair serum or even better, hair serum can have very many functions which include nourishing the hair and also strengthening your hair, as a result, your hair will turn out to be very healthy and shiny. For this stone to work it must be infused in the water after purification and the use it on the hair, this is a process that will work well if it is done several times in a week, it is best advised that you use this stone just before you go to bed.

  • Black Onyx
  • black onyx

    This is one stone which has quite a number of advantages that can help your hair to grow healthy and shiny, the stone is responsible for removing dandruff from the hair, the stone also nourishes the hair and helps in nourishing the hair too. The stone also removes other dirt from the hair which includes the pests like the lice. To use this stone, you will need to first purify the stone and put in water for a whole night in the moonlight, when this is done, you can go ahead and use the water that was used to wash your hair, and this will remove all the dirt that may be in the hair like the dandruff.

    To sum this up, it is advisable that you use the crystal stones to help you treat your hair so that you can end up with a healthy and strong hair.


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