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HairQueenie, is ranked #27 in the FeedSpot Top 40 Hair Care Blogs and provide helpful information to everyone about their hair problems.

History of HairQueenie

We started HairQueenie in 28 November 2018 to bring great hair products to locals. Eventually after a few sales, we realized that we should focused on bringing useful hair information to the community instead as there are very few blogs specifically on hair only (there are beauty blogs but we really want to focus on hair).

In a few years time, we hope to gather enough readership and do some community events such as meetup at hair salons to connect hairstylists with interested hair lovers. Such events can provide free advice and even products or services at promotional rates.

What unites all great stylists is their desire for perfection.

We will keep trying to achieve our aspiration, to make you fall in love with your hair again. We will source for innovative products and services, which help you and your hair. 

We understand it is not easy. 
That’s why we are working hard.

Partnering Hairstylists

We are in the midst of partnering with hairstylists and hair salons around Singapore. Let us know if you are interested and together we will build the best community about hair to hair lovers.


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