Step-By-Step Hairstyles Books for Salon Looks

Do you wish to hairstyling for others? It is difficult to style hair without a step-by-step guide and the right hair styling tools.

Here are some best-selling books that help a hairstylist visualize and create beautiful hair for your salon or clients like the French pleat below. Many also buy hairstyle books for their younger daughter to have fun together.


Step-by-Step Hairstyles: 85 Salon Looks to Create: A comprehensive guide to styling your hair for stunning results, with more than 80 complete looks shown in 500 how-to photographs Paperback (Best for Salon Hairdresser)

This 2011 hairstyles book is still relevant in today's context as fashion trends be and flow. It provides step-by-step pictures to help you along the way. There were clear instructions and photos and suitable for a salon to learn styling hairstyles.

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Braids, Buns, and Twists!: Step-by-Step Tutorials for 82 Fabulous Hairstyles Paperback (Best For Mothers)

Christina Butcher is the hair behind Hair Romance which is one of the top hair blogs even today. I strongly recommend that you read up the blog first and learn more.

It is well made and easy to follow. Some examples use simple tools like bobby pins too. There is a good mix of hairstyle and this is suitable for mothers who wish to try new everyday hairstyles for their daughters. There are also braids, bun for those interested.

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Braids & Buns Ponies & Pigtails: 50 Hairstyles Every Girl Will Love (Hairstyle Books for Girls, Hair Guides for Kids, Hair Braiding Books, Hair Ideas for Girls) Paperback (Best For Mothers with Girls)

This book is best for mothers with younger girls. Many buy it for their 11-year-olds as it is fun and suitable for their age. It contains ponies, pigtails, and easy to follow. The hairstyles are rated with difficulties to start off easy first. Remember to gift hair bands or bobby pins to go along with the book.
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