Addiction Pillow Honest Review (Updated 11 Jun 2019)

Updates 11 Jun 2019: Added more reviews from drumitload,  and also how to wash and use the BodyLuv Pillow!

After seeing the Grafen range of products, we found another interesting product from Korea. It is called an addiction pillow. See video first if you have no idea what it's about. We have spent some hours researching more about it and found out some surprising information.

The pillow isn't new as we saw 3 reviews in Amazon dated March 2018. What's the feedback? 2 great and 1 not good as the pillow cover was not received.

  1. Cathy 1/5 stars May 14, 2018
  2. I didn’t get a pillow cover. Who should I talk to about this problem?
  3. Dakyung C. 5/5 March 6, 2018
  4. This pillow is great!! I love this. 
  5. I got this yesterday, used yesterday.. woke up today so clean and fresh. Usually, I took a long time to fall asleep, but yesterday it took not too long. This pillow is great!! I love this!
  6. Sun Hee 5/5 March 5, 2018
  7. It's really comfortable and hygienic.  when I first received the item, I thought it wasn't a pillow. It was incredibly lightweight! Looking forward to sleeping on it every night!

Given only 3 reviews, we suspect the first 2 might be from friends of the seller but there is no conclusive evidence since Amazon usually stem out such reviews very strictly.

There were several sites selling the items, like

  • Cocomo (in Qoo10 and their website),
  • Kmall24 (not sure of this site but it stated the country of manufacture was China and not Korea)
  • BodyLuv website

There are still frequent sales as we even see BodyLuv still running Facebook advertisement showing a Korean star of Red Velvet, Wendy, sleeping on it.

Wendy introducing Addiction Pillow

She then mentioned about shoulder pain too. Tough to be a Korean idol

Wendy thinking of should pain

7 people have tagged your close friend or loved one to get the pillow for them or even saying Hee Chul loved it.

What's not good

Given how much we love to research, we dig deeper to find more reviews in Qoo10 and even BodyLuv website.

  • What’s the rave about? My $30 “Memory” pillow is away better than this. Very disappointed with all the reviews made by buyers. This pillow is not that great. Just beads inside. Gave it one month before the review
  • The pillow cover doesn't fit well
  • Have tried this pillow for a week. It actually feels quite good but somehow, I wake up more during the night and my partner also wakes up due to the sound of the micro-balls moving. Maybe I'll use it for my naps in the living room.
  • Honestly, I'm still experiencing neck & shoulder pain even after using Bodyluv Addiction Pillow. Overall, it is still better than the usual type of pillows as the shape of Bodyluv Addiction Pillow will not change after long use & the best part is the whole pillow can be machine washed.
  • It's a little too high and hard. But using it as a great back/ neck rest when lazing on the bed.. can't fall asleep in it tho.

We read the latest review from PeiQi, who is a side sleeper and got her pillow from Lazada. She couldn't get used to it, and her mum and dad couldn't get used to it too. As quoted "I couldn’t get used to the feeling of tiny micro airballs in it. The pillow was too high for me even after I tried to flatten it. When I sleep on my side, I dislike the feeling of the bumps of the pillow against my cheek. It makes me feel uncomfortable." 

The micro airballs and height are definitely something most Singaporean cannot get used to. That's probably why hotels used lots of soft fluffly pillows.

What's Good about BodyLuv Addiction Pillow

As mentioned in DrumItLoad affiliated-laded reviews, Addiction Pillow scores on the following. 

  • Ergonomic shape for great neck support
  • Reduce pressure on your body
  • Hygienic as the whole pillow is washable

The main selling point compared to other pillows like Tempur Cloud Breeze Cooling Pillow is the addiction pillow is washable.

Our final verdict

It is definitely an overpriced memory pillow due to the promotion by Korean idols. But if you are a hard-core Korean fan or know someone who is one, we believe the added popularity make it an awesome one-time gift. The micro-beads concept is definitely new but some people still cannot sleep well with it.

How do you wash Bodyluv Pillow (Washing Instructions)?

  1. For handwashing, use tepid water and mild/neutral detergent without wringing too hard.
  2. If you wish to machine wash it instead, keep the pillow inside the pillow cover and provided laundry net to prevent tearing and micro airballs from leaking out. Remember to use gentle wash and wash it alone
  3. Do not worry about machine washing causing the uneven threads as those came with it because the pillow is hand sewn in China
  4. Do not machine wash if you find the pillow too soft already as it will make it even softer!


How to use Bodyluv Pillow

  1. Put the pillow cover on the pillow
  2. Press & adjust the height of the pillow so that it is comfortable for your neck (this is a very important step)
  3. In your most comfortable position, lay down and sleep. It is supposed to take 1/3 less time to sleep (but judging by the reviews, it doesn't work for everyone)
  4. If your pillow is still too hard, put it into the washing machine to give it a wash to soften it.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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