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Is Boxed Dye Really That Bad

Wanting to know why boxed dye is worse than salon dye? Boxed dyes are cheap as they use harmful chemicals like lead acetates or ammonia that damage your hair. It also has the same formula for all hair types, which does not work.  Why Colorists Hate Boxed Dye  It does not matter if your hair is thick, thin, rough, dark, light has been dyed on before or has had any previous chemical process done on it before, the formula of boxed dye is the same. Furthermore, it’s harder for the color to fade since the concentration is much stronger. It is also known that it consists of cheap, potentially harmful ingredients for your skin.  On the other hand, salon dye consists of molecules...

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Worst Hair Salons In Singapore

We look at the reviews received by hair salons to share some bad experiences of hair salons in Singapore. We found one with average reviews and it was found in a tourist spot in Vivo City. Lacoco Korean Hair Salon - Vivo City This salon is one of the most famous and most popular along with the high expertise Salon available in Singapore Vivo City. However, a reviewer, Catherine, stated that “Everything is overpriced”. There were other reviewers (with only had 1 review in total so it might be from competitors) saying the staff was impatient and in a rush.  There was also one saying the untrained assistant has a smoking smell, which is definitely not expected for a higher...

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Moisturize Vs Hydrate Hair

Are You on #TeamMoisturise or #TeamHydrate?  Here’s Why You Should be on Both. Hydrating and moisturizing comes hand in hand; a hydrating product replenishes the water in your hair and a moisturizer forms a barrier to lock the moisture in. Therefore, to cultivate a healthy set of hair, you cannot have one without the other.  Differences between Moisturize and Hydrate for Hair Step into any beauty store and you will find yourself greeted by a treasure trove of skincare products ready to whisk you away to your dream complexion.  Often times, you will find one skincare gem that promises a boost of hydration while another offers a moisturizing treat for your skin. What are these terms and is there a...

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Does Excessive Exercise Cause Hair Loss?

A 2012 study by medical professionals found that high-level exercise training may cause hair loss. Dr. Manoj Khanna, a cosmetic and hair transplant surgeon at Enhance Aesthetic and Cosmetic Studio, reiterated this point by stating how “too much exercise and over-training disturbs the hair growth pattern and lead to hair fall” (source: Sandhya Pandey, the chief dietitian at Columbia Asia Hospital, suggests regular exercise can be defined as exercising five days each week for approximately 45 minutes. She states that conducting any form of exercise for more than an hour every single day would be termed as ‘excessive exercise’ (source: Source: Excessive Sweating   Source:  Sweating excessively causes sweat to build on your scalp and this...

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5 Secrets Sugar Bear Hair Won't Tell You

Where can you find more in-depth information about the owners and benefits rather than just the promotional fluff? We researched from Google Scholar and an independent test lab, Labdoor to provide you secrets Sugar Bear Hair won't tell you and also the side effects. 1. Sugar Bear Hair Doesn't Really Reduce Hair Loss Are SugarBear pills effective for quick hair growth? Based on our reading a paper from Google Scholar, the answer is almost 100% NO (unless you have vitamin deficient) and in fact, too much of SugarBearHair gummies might accelerate hair loss. Yes, it is harmful to your hair to eat too many vitamins even though we know that they are coated with sugar. 2. Hair Specialist Don't Recommend Sugar Bear Hair or...

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