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How do you get your hair to not stick up

When I wake up, the hair on the crown of my head where my hair is longer sticks up even after I brush it or try to keep it down with water. How do you get your hair to not stick up? You will need to apply some hairspray on your hair or in the worse case some pomade or hair gel depending on what caused your hair to stick up. The reason for the differences is because flyaways hair are temporary while cowlicks are usually hereditary and permanent. We will share more about flyaways and cowlicks. For flyaways, take a fine-tooth comb and cover it in hairspray, then gently brush down the flyaways. If it does not work for...

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Argan Oil [Useful Simple Guide]

Argan oil Trends and Benefits How much do you know about Argan Oil? Based on market research, the usage of argan oil is growing rapidly and expected to reach close to 600 million USD in 2022. Besides cosmetics, argan oil is also used for food and medical purpose. Argan oil has many benefits, due to its rich ingredients which include nutrients and vitamins namely antioxidant tocopherols, lupeol, omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids, butyrospermol, triterpenoids, and beta amyrine. Want to know more? In this post, we will share to you our "secret" research on the beneficial argan oil and its applications. Just kidding, nothing's secrets and everything was from the Internet and Google. Where does argan oil come from One...

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FREE Hair Care Tips for Women (Updated Dec 2018)

Hair is most likely among the first things you notice about individuals when meeting them for the very first time. This is particularly true for females. Beautiful and shiny hair consistently leaves good impression, that's why appropriate hair care is very important. Additionally, good care of your hair plays a vital part in having healthful hair and helps avoid extensive harm which may cause loss of hair. Regular washing celebrity promoted shampoos and conditioners is not enough. To have a healthful, strong and shiny hair, you will need to know how to take care of it daily.   We will share: Myth 1: Trim Hair Often Fact 1: You're what you eat.  Fact 2: Go Natural Whenever possible, prevent using hair...

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