Is digital perm safe?

Digital Perm

Walking around with a well-put hair is not a joke; many may just not know what you might have gone through to look the way you are looking. It takes more than just passing around the mirror; it is a commitment on its own. Changing up styles every week for new ones, or going for newer trends. So what do you do when you feel like you want something curly today and tomorrow you just need it straight, it can be something a bit difficult to do with just a normal perm. However, a digital perm can achieve this through many questions have been raised about how it works and its safety.

What is a digital perm?

This is just a perm but not like a normal perm, for this one there is a use of hot rods which has a machine regulating its temperature which has a digital display

Things you need to know about digital perm

  • It still requires maintenance
  • This is a digital perm but it still will need you to maintain it, when you look at it and its features you will think you will never do maintenance to it anymore, however you will need to do the maintenance too. You will need specifically to treat your hair with products that are relevant and clean it with some shampoo. You will need to maintain your natural hair too; this is because the chemicals used in digital perm may have an effect on your hair.

  • You will have the same hair for some months
  • This is what you will need to know too. This hair will last on your head for some months and even others will last for a year, if you are prepared to have this kind of hair for a whole year you can go for it, but if you are a person who likes to change your hairstyle regularly you will have a problem with this, you should consider this before you go buying this product. Staying with the same curls for a whole year might be an option you will want to look into very well before you making any decisions.

  • They are demanding and expensive.
  • Digital perm is relatively expensive when you compare them with the normal perm. Furthermore, they involve a more complicated which is heat treated and the chemicals applied are not that cheap too. The perm also takes a lot of time to fix; it may take hours for a stylist to fix it, which explains to you why it is so demanding. If you wish to buy this digital perm, you should keep that in mind then, if you can meet the initial price, and if you can bear the price of the chemicals needed and finally if you can comply to the long fixing time.

  • It has the best natural look
  • If a natural look is all you want in a hairstyle then this is the best for you, this is one hair that has the best natural look that can last for long, the curls are very realistic. This will show a difference between the digital and the normal perm, the naturality is so different. This is one of the strengths of this hair. It has the very best display in a long time 

  • There is the use of heat treatment
  • There is no other treatment for digital perms can employ other than the use of heat treatment; this is a method or treatment that is not really preferred by very many people. This method of treatment is used because to make the curls permanent that is the only method that can be used. Not just heat, there is a chemical treatment, a chemical treatment is also not much preferred because it will have an impact on your natural hair. For these reasons, this method is very risky and you may just get a problem if you don’t get to a qualified expert to work on your hair and before you go for this treatment you should check with your specialist and inquire if this is the best method for you or not.

    How to sleep with digital perm hair

    To deal with this hair over the night Is not easy, you will need to be keen about it, before you go to sleep you will need to turn your hair in a way that it is over your head, then make a twist with the end of your hair just a loose twist making sure that you are not tempering with anything else, after you have done this you can use the pins to hold your hair at the top part of your head after doing all this it will be safe for you to sleep without damaging the hair, you should also be using a soft pillow making sure not to interfere with the hair

    Digital perm maintenance

    This is a very important thing to observe so that your hair can last for a longer time

    • Avoid washing your hair for the first 24 to 72 hours-the water might deactivate the chemicals used on the perm
    • Keep it loose-this should be done in the very first days, this will allow the perm to compact well
    • Don’t try color treatment-this is only for the first weeks to avoid damaging your hair
    • Wash your hair with shampoo every week-this will keep your perm in good shape and very clean

    Is this digital perm safe?

    When you talk about safety, it will depend on the specialist who is working on you, this stay involves heat treatment and chemical treatment, and this can be very unsafe if it is being done by an armature, you will need a qualified specialist to help you with this for it to be safe.

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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