Benefits of braiding hair at night


braid hair at night

A lot of people forget about their hair when they go to sleep at night, most of them either just ignore thinking there will be no effects on the hair. You may not realize as you sleep, but as you turn around every time in the middle of the night, your hair always gets damaged by your pillow however smooth it is, it will always be a problem to your hair that you have decided to just leave it free.

It is always advisable that you braid your hair every night before you go to sleep, it has some benefits that. Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy when you braid your hair before you go to sleep at night;

  • It keeps your hair moisturized
  • This is one of the benefits of braiding your hair before you go to sleep; everyone wants soft hair, in fact, many people go to very far extends trying keeping their hair soft. This will be a plus to you because when you braid your hair, it will be able to keep the moisture during the whole night; you will wake up with your hair very soft like never before. If you sleep with your hair when it is free, the hair will lose the moisture to the atmosphere hence as your hair loses moisture, it becomes harder, and you can wake up with your hair being very stiff.

  • You will have an easy time when you wake up
  • Braiding your hair will help you to be able to prepare yourself faster when you want to leave the house. You wouldn’t waste time trying to straighten your hair, but when you braid your hair before your sleep, all you will need to do when you wake up is to just unpin your hair and leave; it really saves your time. There is another advantage too when you braid your hair before you sleep is that it gives your hair even better texture than before. This is the reason you are advised to braid your hair before you go to sleep.

  • Reduces frizz
  • This is another benefit for braiding up your hair before you go to sleep. This will help you to prevent frizz, you can apply serum before you go to sleep, this will deal with every small problem that might arise .braiding up your hair is also important because it will help your hair to be softer, this is berceuse there will be some heat that is contained in the heart that will help to moisturize the hair hence a good look.

  • It will keep your hair clean
  • Braiding your hair before you go to sleep is very important to your hair, this is because there will be no penetration of dirt as you sleep as a result, your scalp will remain very clean and intact, dirt in the hair is what leads to dandruff, this means that you will be dandruff free if you keep up with this trend of braiding your hair before you go to sleep

    Is it okay to braid wet hair?

    It is not advisable ton braid your hair when it is wet, this is because the hair becomes very heavy when it is wet, if you decided to braid it while it is wet, it will cause breakage of your hair because of the weight that is exerting of the scalp. It is then advisable that you only braid your hair when it is dry to keep it safe.

    Letting your hair breath after the braids

    It is very important to leave your hair to breath after the braids for a period of around one week for your scalp to breathe before you introduce to your hair another style. This will give your scalp a good time to breathe to let in more oxygen and let out the waste gases, this will nourish the follicle and it will lead to more healthy hair. After you have removed you braids it is advisable that you go for a treatment to make sure that your scalp gets back into position before you cover up with another style.

    How long should I let my hair breath?

    This is a question that very many people ask when they have just removed the braids from their head, it is like an open choice here but you should leave your hair to breath for a minimum of one week before you replace with your another style. You can leave your hair for even more than two weeks or more than that, you can always visit a spa for treatment because there might be some dandruff in your hair that you will need to remove before you go for another style.

    To sum this up, it is very important to take care of your hair before you go to sleep, it has very many benefits, you will be able to keep your hair from getting dirty which will prevent dandruff from invading your hair, the second thing is that your hair will remain moisturized hence you will keep your hair really soft, another benefit is that you will save a lot of time when you wake up to go for your issues, you will not need to remake your hair before you leave all you will need to do is to unpin your hair and you are good to go. Finally, it is advisable that you take care of your hair very well when you go to sleep.

    It is normal that as you go to your bed, you will need to remove everything you wore when left for, your safety purposes. All your earrings, your necklace, and all your wrist bands, everyone remembers this even if they are very sleepy, however, do remember to braid your hair for the above benefits.


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