Is hair cloning possible?

Hair Cloning

There have been successful attempts by scientist as on other body organs and they succeeded in making clones to those parts which functioned just well. This is a better encouragement knowing that there is the hope of hair cloning. Through cloning, there have been projects that have gone right and others have gone wrong but still, it is worth risking. So what is cloning and how can it help?

What is cloning?

This is a process of coming up with the very same individual just like the natural organism. This is the use of technology to produce the very same organism as then natural organism. The cloned individual exactly resembles the original from feature to feature; you may even fail to differentiate them. This is done in the laboratory in the tubes. Cloning is also seen naturally when identical twins are born, they resemble almost 90 percent, and it might be difficult for you to even identify each of them.

How does cloning occur?

This happens purely in a biological lab. There are two ways that are mostly used to exactly replicate an organism to produce an exact copy of the original organism, this processes include; artificial embryo twinning and somatic cell nuclear transfer, both methods produce the very accurate results and they are safe to be used though they have been restricted by the governments to produce a whole human being though it has been allowed to clone a just a part of a body where there is loss from accident or maybe a disease. So let’s elaborate these methods a bit and see what happens;

  • Artificial embryo twinning
  • This is an artificial method done from the lab though it does not involve a lot of things because it is so close to what is done naturally when twins are born or conceived. This method uses the same knowledge as the process involved when twins are conceived. It is done in an apparatus called the Petri dish where the embryo is placed and separated into two different cells which grow and develop to become organisms. This organism will be very identical because they will have come from the very same fertilizing cell. This is the first cloning method which is verity simple to set up and find your two organisms which are exactly the same.

  • Somatic cell nuclear  transfer
  • This is the second method used for cloning it is not very close to the original method but the clone produced is exactly the same too. In this method there is the use of a somatic, the nuclear is removed from the somatic cells and transferred to an egg cell which then gets fertilized and starts developing in to an organizing which will resemble exactly as the on which the somatic cell came from an organism, this will produce the very same organism as the original.

    Where is cloning applicable to human beings?

    The real cloning is not used in human beings, it is not applicable. However, there is something called gene cloning where only a gene is taken from an individual and introduced into another organism to produce what the organism has been lacking. This is normally used to fill up the gaps one might have in the body if they want to produce it.

    Hair Cloning

    It has been proven that it is possible for a hair cloning to happen, however it has not been tried yet, it has just been proposed, research has been done on various people and it was discovered that if there can be a follicle then the hair can be regenerated, but if there is no follicle completely, it will be difficult to achieve the required results. However, hope cannot be lost because, in this cloning process, they can take a follicle from on place and put in a place where there is no follicle at all so that hair can start growing again. This is regarded as the only method that can be used to deal with complete baldness.  This technology can also be used to just grow hair from the same person from one place to the bald, there is no need for looking for another person to provide the hair, is other words it means that you can be your own donor just from one place to your bald.

    The research is still going on, however, to be sure that the process will be safe to human beings. The technology is expected to be used in the near future. Currently what has been used is just plastic surgery where an artificial hair is implanted to a place that is affected so as to cover the hair gap, it is mostly used by people who are trying to cover up the baldness. This artificial hair cannot grow so you will have to make sure that you are maintaining the rest of your hair to suit the hair that has been implanted.

    To conclude on this, you can appreciate that cloning is the only perfect solution for lost hair which comes about because of genetics or maybe from an accident. However the research is still going on but there is a positive step taken now is to do a few checks and it will be implemented, the thing that is being checked is the safety which is very important.

    Losing hair is one of the things that are so unsatisfactory, whether due to old age or because of some conditions, all the same, it is not a good thing for your looks. Very many people lose their hair in many ways, some because of genetics, and others because of medical conditions, some lose their hair due to accidents like fire. We are all thinking of some solution for this.


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