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It is highly probable you will believe that the product has no valid expiry date, and if it does, it would not matter whatsoever. 

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Like any other hair and beauty products, hair dye can be compromised to a great extent. Remember, hair dyes are stored in tubes for a reason. Beauty products have a lot of ingredients, which are chemical compounds. The longer hair dye stays in the store, the higher the chances of spoilage due to bacteria. Don't believe it still, Detroit TV also shows the lumpy expired hair products on Youtube.

The fundamental function of such dyes it to add color to your hair and avoid any damage to your skin. More features mean that a lot of compounds have to be included. If these compounds expire, and you happen to be using them, you could be running a risk of exposing your hair to devastating effects.

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Estimated Expiry Date from Opening

Side Effects of Expiration

Expiration of Hair Dye

Around 2 years

Dark green hair

Burning scalp

Wrong color

Expiration of Hair Wax

Around 1 to 2 years


Change in Aroma


Expiration of Hair Gel

Around 18 months


Hair Loss

Frizzy hair

Expiration of Hair Spray

Around 18 months

Does not hold your hair

Changed fragrance

Expiration of Conditioner

Around 2 years

Hair Infection

Clogged Hair Pores

Hair Loss

Expiration of Shampoo

Around 18 months

Hair Loss

Hair Dryness

Change in hair color

How would you know your hair dye is expired?

It would be much easy for an experienced hair dye user to tell whether or not the product is expired, but this is not always true. Some signs could be too revealing, yet others could conceal the reality from you. Here are a few guidelines to tip you off:

1.) The dye is lumpy

Could you imagine comparing your hair product with curdled milk? Well, if there is some form of resemblance, you better consider discarding it. Frequently, hair products get denatured when stored in the wrong temperatures; different from the one outlined by the manufacturer. If your product used to glide as you applied to your hair, then suddenly you feel that it spurts out in unsightly lumps, don’t have a second thought on dumping it. Discard it because there is no doubt it is spoilt. 

2.) It is written on the packaging

It is all-natural to pick things from supermarket shelves, or your beauty shop without considering the expiry date. Some products could have a short shelf-life, especially those made from an organic base, and it always advisable to check the expiry date before choosing them. For some reason, many people still assume that the products they purchase are within their use date, but this could land you in serious trouble. It is wise to check the timestamps on the packaging rather than just assuming the expiry date symbol.

3.) Your scalp starts being irritated

If you have used a hair dye for years, it would be hard to believe that it would harm you. The fundamental function of hair dye is to add color to your hair and at the same time, protect your scalp. If you start having some itchy feeling in your scalp, you better re-examine your hair dye. When the product goes off, there is some associated change in the formulation that could trigger the itching. Such kind of pain could lead to swellings or even severe complications if left untreated. Should you have such type of feeling, you better toss off your dye and restock new hair dyes.

4.) The performance of your product dwindles

You might find that the outcome of your hair used to be spectacular, but now you somehow feel it getting a little bit crackly, or the dye is fading at an alarming rate. Your product might be to blame for this kind of frustration, and you better consider giving it a keen look in terms of its workability. Chances are, the hair dye could have reached its expiry date without you noticing, and it is often wise to discard it!


So how would using expired hair dye affect your hair?

Before using your hair dye, you have to own the consequences. Before taking the risk, perhaps you would want to hear about some of the grave repercussions associated with the same. 

1.) Dark green hair

Once the dye is expired, its chemical makeup changes and the way it reacts with your hair is different. Having dark-green locks is one of the most common complaints of people who have used expired dye. Even if your hair is bleached, chlorine present in the sample could change its color to green.

2.) Burning scalp

As unimaginable as it is, having your scalp on fire is one of the most dreaded things. Well, is using an expired dye worth the risk that your hair is exposed? You could scorch your tender scalp and suffer severe hair loss!

3.) Wrong color

Could you imagine how you can apply the green dye, and you end up with a brown result? Color roulette is one of the most associated effects of a dye that has passed its prime time. The product could be entirely ineffective and could produce a color that’s different from the shade on the box. 


More often than not, you are likely to go for discounted items. Like most people, when you see the price of your favorite hair die slashed by half, you’ll enter into a frenzy impulse-shopping mode.


It is essential to consider the repercussions of using an expired hair product, rather than turning a blind eye to it. The effects could be all devastating, but you could avoid this by being keen on the ones you use. All you need to do is stash the old stuff and restock your drawer with fresh ones!


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