Harms of expired conditioner and 8 unexpected uses

Has an expired hair conditioner lain around? 

Expired Hair Conditioner

Some people have the habit of keeping hair products for way too long. It is easy to think that a hair conditioner can be used even after it has expired. The truth is an expired hair conditioner is not only ineffective but can cause potential harm to your hair.

That is why you have to reconsider each time you think of using a conditioner that has gone bad. Hair products usually have a long shelf life because they have preservatives in them. According to Curl talk, most people admit that using expired hair products is very harmful.  

A hair conditioner, when kept under favorable conditions, can last up to 2 years. However, if you notice any changes in it then it is conclusive that it has expired.

You may not find an expiry date on a conditioner however changes in smell and color indicate that it has gone bad. A conditioner that is made of natural ingredients tends to smell really bad once it goes bad and this is definitely easy to tell. It can also change consistency. Another indication that you are using a bad conditioner is if it doesn’t work as well as it used to.

What harm does an expired conditioner cause to the hair?

You don’t necessarily have to wait until a conditioner begins to stink before you consider it to have gone bad. If you have been using the past 18 months then be sure that it has outlived its shelf life already. Using such a conditioner may have adverse effects on the health of your hair. Here are some common and uncommon hair issues associated with using expired conditioner.

  • Infections

A conditioner that has been kept for too long can introduce bacteria in your hair resulting in infections. For instance, there may be bacteria that has found its way into your conditioner. If you use it on your hair there is a big chance you will suffer from an infection. Actually, there are very many bacterias in the body and several causes of bacterial infection. However, according to Michael Cackovic, M.D, the use of expired conditioner can be at the core of it.

  • Clogged hair pores

Some expired conditioners can cause your hair pores to become clogged. When this happens your hair stops growing the way it's supposed to. This also results in the development of pimples that appear like bumps on your scalp.

  • Hair loss

This is a hair problem that can occur after you used a conditioner that has gone bad.  Since a bad conditioner can potentially clog your hair pores and follicles, the hair might start falling off too. If you are losing hair with no specific reason it is best if you check the conditioner that you are using, It might be way past its prime and you haven’t noticed.

8 Unexpected Uses of expired hair conditioner

Despite the fact that you cannot use an expired conditioner on your hair, you can use it for other purposes.  You might even be surprised at how helpful it can be while you initially thought it was useless. As long as the conditioner is not stinky or has changed in color you can use it in other ways. Instead of tossing it into the trash here are ways you can put it to use;

  1. Washing delicates like lingerie
  2. Removing makeup
  3. Lubricate a zipper
  4. Softening makeup and paint brushes
  5. Unshrinking sweaters
  6. Polishing stainless steel
  7. Take care of a squeaky door
  8. Cleaning silk garments

Below are details of the uses of expired conditioner

  • Washing delicates like lingerie

You can use conditioner to clean your undies and lingerie. It works quite well. They will be clean in no time and the smell is pleasant too. You won’t have to worry about them shrinking or even tearing while you wash.

  • Removing makeup

Leaving makeup on at night is usually not a good idea. A conditioner even when expired will work well to remove makeup. You don’t have to dig deep into your pockets so as to buy those costly makeup removers. A cotton ball dipped in conditioner will remove makeup the same way the typical makeup remover does.

  • Lubricate a zipper

Are you having trouble with the zipper on your jeans or jacket? The problem is as good as solved with that forgotten and rejected conditioner in your bathroom. Simply take the conditioner and dab some of it on the zipper teeth.

  • Softening makeup and paint brushes

Makeup brushes tend to become stubby with time and can be difficult to use in this condition. If you have an expired conditioner in the house this is the time to use it on your brushes.  Cleaning them with the conditioner will restore them back to being flexible and easy to use.

  • Unshrinking sweaters

Woolen sweaters get scrubbed up so easily especially if they are put in the dryer. To get it back into shape all you need is a conditioner.  Even if it is expired it still works just fine. Put some water in a basin and add two tablespoons of conditioner. Soak the sweater in it for a few hours. Afterward, squeeze the water out of it and put the sweater on a level surface. You can now stretch it to its normal size.

  • Polishing stainless steel

When you don’t have a stainless steel cleaner, you can use some conditioner to polish your appliances. It gets rid of any fingerprints and smudge that tends to get stuck on stainless steel. Get a clean cloth and dab onto it some hair conditioner. Use this cloth to polish the appliances to achieve a smooth shine. Before using it, it is always recommended that you do a spot test first. This will ensure that you don’t end up damaging some appliances.

  • Take care of a squeaky door

Sometimes having a door that squeaks each time you open or close it can be such a nuisance. If you have a hair conditioner in the house then the issue is as good as solved. Take some of it and apply it in the door hinges. The noise simply goes away.

  • Cleaning silk garments

Having to dry clean your silk garments every time can be costly. This is where your expired conditioner comes in. if it still smells good and has not changed the color you can use it to clean your silk cloths. You will be surprised at how pleasing the outcome is. Put some water in a basin preferably warm water for white garments and cold water for colored ones. Add one tablespoon of conditioner and immerse your garments in it. Wait for a few minutes before removing and then rinse hang outside to dry.

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