Hair Wax Don't Last Forever

Yes, hair wax expires just like any other hair product depending majorly on its ingredients and environment the hair wax is kept in. Once opened, most hair waxes go bad in 1-2 years though other factors can accelerate the expiry of your hair wax. Contamination should be taken into account for more than a simple duration that the hair wax has been open. 

Hair Wax

Hair wax made of beeswax isn't going to expire because none of the components go bad. Hair wax whose ingredients are castor oil or sweet almond oil is going to get spoilt because both castor and almond oil can produce bad odor if they last for more than three years. The addition of vitamin E extends the expiry date but it's not indefinite. 

Some hair waxes are colloidal products of water and waxes. This needs the addition of preservatives and will expire much in similar to a body lotion can. Too much water in a product provides a suitable breeding ground for microbial growth.

Most commercial hair waxes consist of bee wax, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, castor wax, emulsifying wax, japan wax, lanolin, and ozokerite. Whatever hair product you use, the general rule is that it will last for around three years still closed on the shelf. This also implies to most beauty products as well; however, some organic products expire in less than three years’ time.

Hair Wax contamination

Contamination in Hair Wax

The opening of hair wax exposes it to air. Bacteria from air and the one that naturally exists in the skin and fingernails contaminate when you touch with your hands. Bacteria decompose wax components causing spoilage. Spoilt wax should not be used because it can result in serious problems such as; bacterial infection, itching, hair fall, hair damage and make it fizzy.

There is a reduced chance of contamination when the products are sealed. Using hair wax packed in a squeeze tube is a good choice than the one packed in containers where you have to insert your fingers.

Currently, most manufacturers prefer packing their products in bottles which are designed to reduce contact with human skin in order to increase shelf life.

To determine whether your hair wax has expired or not, you need to do the following:

Check the Label of Your Hair Wax 

Currently, there are some labeling administrative laws on beauty products that are in place, indicating a recommended time of use. It is in the form of small graphic and says 12m, 24m or even 6m. This presents to you the duration you should use the product, that is,12 months, 24 months or only 6 months. Manufacturers usually give the recommended duration of use-by dates. It’s possible to use products beyond these dates but it may not bring out the expected results.

You should take the expiry date of hair wax seriously just like the way you take expiry of food. Just as spoilt food cause diseases, expired hair wax may cause infection too.

Look beyond the Label 

If you can’t remember when you purchased the product, you can still find out if it’s safe to use. Examine the physical appearance; color, smell, and texture then compare it to the initial look. Does it smell different? Look for any difference in color, scent, and texture.

When hair wax expires, the aroma is normally the initial thing to change and you may observe the separation of the product. The product that was once transparent in color appears unclear or a product that was less viscous become viscous or vice versa. These observations are an indication of whether they are still good for use or not.

Employ an App

 After doing all that, if you're still doubting whether your hair wax has gone bad or not, you can employ apps like BeautyKeeper that can assist you to check the serial number on your product to determine when it was manufactured find keep track of when products are set to go

Staying power of your hair wax depends majorly on the environment they are kept in. Warm, high-humidity locales provide a suitable environment for the growth of micro-organisms like bacteria’s that causes spoilage, as does anywhere with lots of exposure to light. 

Store your product in a cool dry area away from heat and sunlight to avoid oxidation of ingredients causing them to disintegrate slowly.


Hair wax expires depending on its ingredients and the environment in which it is kept. The product can stay unopened on the shelf in a good state for about 3 years, once opened; it gets exposed to contaminants from the air and human skin causing spoilage. To determine whether hair wax is expired or not; check the label on the container, observe the physical appearance or make use of an app that can help you check the expiry date. Keep your product in a cool dry area, free from heat and sunlight to lengthen shelf life. 

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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