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Harms of expired shampoo and unexpected uses     

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  • We will share how to tell if your shampoo has gone bad
  • What are the harms of bad expired shampoo?
  • What are the unexpected uses of expired shampoo?

Expired Shampoo: Harms and Uses

Many people believe that hair product such as shampoos does not expire. The truth is shampoo does expire.

In spite of that, most people will continue to use the expired shampoo as long as it looks okay to them. Typically, the shelf life of shampoo should be around twelve to eighteen months.

If you are still using it past this time then it can do some harm to your hair and even on your overall health. Some shampoos come with an expiration date labeled on them. However, most may not have an expiration date at all. The rule of thumb here is to look out for changes in the shampoo that indicate it has gone bad.

How to tell if shampoo has gone bad

There are several ways to know when shampoo has expired. One of the crucial requirements for cosmetic products is their safety. You can check the safety assessment which at the same time contains stability testing. Here are some of the indicators of expired shampoo.

  • Smell

A change in the smell of your shampoo is an indication that it has already expired. If it used to have a nice smell but this suddenly changes to something different, simply get rid of it. Its time of use is due.

  • Consistency

When you want to gauge the consistency of your shampoo all you have to do is to pour it. A good shampoo has a thicker consistency. On the other hand, when it expires these changes to runny or watery. Stop using it if you notice this.

  • Lather

You can try lathering your shampoo if you are not sure whether it is expired or not. At times a shampoo may have gone bad but the smell has not changed. That is why you must check using its lather. You can add some water to the shampoo and try to lather it. If it does not foam then it’s a clear indication its already expired.

Harms of expired Shampoo

The reality is some people ignore the fact that their shampoo has expired and continued using it. What you don’t know is the harm that it can do to your hair. An expired shampoo will affect the health of your hair in so many ways. We all know that shampoos are made up of chemicals. When it expires, it only means that these chemicals have changed and are no longer safe for your hair. Here are some of the repercussions of using an expired shampoo on your hair;

  • Hair loss

Most of us value our hair. That is why we spend money and resources taking good care of it. However, washing your hair with expired shampoo will not do it any good. As a matter of fact, with the time you will notice that your hair is falling off. Instead of it thriving it will tend to fall off especially whenever you comb it. This is a serious problem that can be brought about by using a shampoo that has already declined in quality. The chemicals present in the expired shampoo can kill your hair follicles resulting in hair loss.

  • Color change in hair

If you are that kind of a person who values the natural color of hair then using an expired shampoo is something that you should never do. It may fade out the color of your hair. If you initially had dark hair, it might become brownish.

  • Hair dryness

An expired shampoo can dry out your hair and scalp. Dry hair tends to look dull in appearance. Keep the shiny glow of your hair by avoiding shampoo that has gone bad.

4 Unexpected Uses of expired shampoo

As surprising as it might sound, expired shampoo can still be put to use in various ways.  This is especially if you have not opened the seal yet. similarly, if your expired shampoo has not been infected by bacteria or molds then you can use it in other ways instead of tossing it.

  • Manicure and pedicure

Did you know that you can use expired shampoo for manicure and pedicure? Now you know. All you have to do is to add some of the shampoos to water. It should be just enough to lather and make a foam. Afterward, soak your feet or the hands in this solution. Within a few minutes, they will be soft and you can now use a soft brush to scrub them.

  • Bubble bath

You can use expired shampoo for a bubble bath if it still has a pleasant smell. Well, you no longer need to stress over not having a shower gel. If your shower gel is over and you don’t have another one then your bottle of expired shampoo can come to your rescue. It makes for such a pleasant substitute for soap.

  • Use as a pet shampoo

You don’t have a pet shampoo for your cat or dog? No need to worry. If you have an expired shampoo that is still good enough it can serve the same purpose as the usual pet shampoo. You will find that it cleans just as perfectly as a pet shampoo.

  • Cleaning shower curtains and the bathroom

An expired shampoo will still do a great job when it comes to your dirty and stained shower curtains. It removes stains from hair sprays. Additionally, when you want to clean your bathroom you can use that forgotten bottle of expired shampoo that is just lying there. it cleans all areas of the bathroom quite well whether it’s the bathtub, window glass, tiles on the wall and the mirror. You can still have that sparkling clean bathroom without the usual stain removers.

  • Some laundry

Who would have thought expired shampoo can be used to do laundry. While it cannot be used on all laundry, it can help to clean some. Before using a shampoo that is expired on your laundry check and ensures there are no molds that have formed on it. You can use it to wash your socks, stockings, tights, and toys. Additionally, you can opt to use it when you want to soak your carpet or floor mats.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form

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