Kundal Shampoo Honest Review

Kundal shampoo is a natural hair care product that has the perfect blend of plant extracts. Kundal shampoo can be comfortably referred to as a green product due to its biodegradable and non-toxic components. Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of our review:

Kundal Hair


  • Kundal is an all-natural product hence do not contain any toxic or harmful material. Its ingredients are biodegradable and gentle on skin thus can be used on a daily basis. 
  • The perfect blend of ingredients reduces hair breakage, controls frizz in curly/wavy hair, moisturizes and hydrates hair as well as protect hair and scalp. It also fortifies the hair root. 
  • Kundal is also rich in essential nutrients such as iron, phosphorus, vitamins, copper, calcium and an array of proteins such as hydrolyzed keratin, milk protein, hydrolyzed silk, and collagen. These ingredients increase hair growth and improve its strength. It also helps to make the hair shine.
  • It can also balance and maintain pH. It has a pH of 5.5. which the optimal pH for the skin.
  • Kundal shampoo is rich in oils and hence is great for treating dry scalp.
  • It can also be considered a good treatment for skin infections such as dandruff and eczema. It has no known side effects. It can be used for sensitive skin and hair without fear of hair problems. 
  • Kundal shampoo is easy to use and lathers easily therefore, it is efficient for hair wash.  After shampoo use, it is advisable to apply an appropriate amount of treatment and leave-in for 3-5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.  
  • Kundal shampoo can be readily available when needed as it can be easily gotten from online shops such as Amazon, eBay, kmall24, kptown, etc. 
  • Kundal shampoo has generally received positive reviews from customers and is considered very efficient.


  • Persons allergic to tree nuts might have a problem using Kundal shampoo due to the presence of macadamia oil as one of its major ingredients.  Aside from that, Kundal shampoo has benefits all the way. 

Kundal shampoo uses only the Environmental Working Group (EWG) green grade ingredients. It consists of thirty-five different natural extracts and also does not contain any allergens.  Kundal shampoo is distributed around the world at a very affordable price. Kundal shampoo often comes with a 500ml pack and a 500ml treatment pack. It is produced in South Korea. 

Kundal Shampoo Range


Kundal shampoo prides itself in having the macadamia oil and honey as its major ingredients. Macadamia oil is extracted from macadamia nut which is often referred to as the king of all nuts. Macadamia oil is an excellent ingredient because of its hydrating and nutritive nature. It is considered a perfect moisturizer. It contains active antioxidants, squalene, and vitamin E which reduces oxidative stress on the skin and scalp as well as deplete skin damage. Honey is great at removing impurities from hair follicles due to its antibacterial and antiseptic nature. It also reduces hair clogs and breakage. Honey is known to retain hair moisture hence is a perfect complementary ingredient with macadamia oil.  

Kundal shampoo is good for baby skin as well as adults. It contains coconut extract which is a vegetable surfactant and a good wetting agent. It aids deep cleansing and makes the hair silky. Kundal shampoo gives off rich foam and contains no silicon. Artificial substances such as paraben, synthetic surfactant, benzophenone, methylisothiazolinone, etc which are usually found in inorganic shampoos are not present in Kundal shampoo. Kundal shampoo also contains lipoma preferred partner (LPP) micro proteins. 

It comes in several fragrances that have an array of wonderful aroma.  These fragrances include, 

  • Baby powder
  • White musk 
  • Cherry blossom 
  • Fuzzy navel
  • Blackberry bay
  • Cotton blue
  • Basil and citrus
  • Amber vanilla 
  • Pure flower 
  • Wedding bouquet 
  • Bubble soap
  • Pink grapefruit
  • French lavender
  • Acacia moringa
  • English rose
  • Ylang ylang 
  • Orchid and neroli
  • Pure flower
  • Clean soap. 
  • Blanc

Kundal shampoo in its uniqueness launches new fragrances every two months.

History and Growth of Kundal

Kundal is one of the leading beauty brands in Korea. Its nature shampoo was first launched in November 2016. In 2018, Kundal won the excellent brand grand prize in the natural shampoo category. In January 2019, Kundal came tops in the Korea brand reputation index. Approximately, one product is sold every 9seconds. Its estimated cumulative sales roll into billions of Us dollars. It also has a domineering online presence.  Kundal shampoo is available in about 40 sales channels in Korea.  


Kundal shampoo is a green product recommended for everyone for everyday use. Its nutritional benefits are second to none. It is perfect for all ages and genders. Its luster giving abilities is essential to maintain shiny long hair. Kundal shampoo can be referred to as a lifesaver as it rejuvenates dilapidating hair types.  

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