Can a Hair Dryer Be Used To Dry Wet Clothes

You want to dry your wet clothes quickly. You would love to choose drying methods that can help you to quickly remove water from the fabric.

Yes, a hairdryer can be used to dry wet clothes.

Hair Dryer Cloth

Another way to dry your clothes with a hairdryer

  • Place your wet garment on a coat hanger and hang up on a wall or something like that.
  • Now set your hairdryer to medium to high heat settings.
  • Constantly move the hairdryer along the surface of the garment as it will not damage the fabric of the garment. Otherwise, sticking to just one point garment will get hot and there is a possibility that it may catch fire. 
  • Dry your garment completely from inside to outside. 

Mistakes to avoid while using a hairdryer on wet clothes

  • The first thing to avoid is keeping a hairdryer at a single spot. Keeping at one spot for a long time will make the garment hot and as a result, you will end up burning your cloth. After every few seconds keep rotating the garment and continuously change the spots. 
  • Never dry your garment when you are wearing it. It will not allow the air to pass on and moisture will not be able to escape. Take your garment off your body. Lay it down to the dry and clean surface. Turn on the hairdryer and blow-dry your garment. When you are trying to dry while wearing it, it will take more time to dry. You might end up burning your skin when you will dry your clothes in a high heat setting. 
  • If you are using a hairdryer at higher temperature settings then never hold it close to your garment. When you will apply too much heat to your garment you will end up damaging the fabric of clothes. While using a hairdryer to dry your clothes keep it at a few inches away from your garment. 
  • For delicate pieces of garment try to avoid too much heat. Delicate garments such as underwear, stockings, lacy bra, and pantyhose. When you will apply an excessive amount of heat to such garments it will cause a significant amount of damage to your garments. It is never recommended to place such garments even in a cloth dryer. Dry these delicate garments with a hairdryer without turning on the heat setting. Keep the hairdryer on cold setting and let the garment dry using air, not the heat. 

It will be a time-consuming process to dry your laundry using a hairdryer. The process of drying clothes with hairdryers can be boring. If you want to speed up the process and dry things quickly then you can use a radiator or something like that. You can use an iron to quickly dry your clothes.

How to dry wet clothes with a hairdryer? 

If you have a hand-held dryer at your home you can use it to quickly dry your wet clothes. Follow the simple steps and get your clothes dried. 

  • First of all, simply wring out the wet garment and lay it on a dry and clean surface. 
  • Turn on the hairdryer and set it to higher temperature settings. 
  • It’s all about the airflow rather than the heat. 
  • Make sure that you are keeping the blow dryer near your cloth and using a quick blast of hot air to dry clothes spot by spot. 
  • Slowly work out your way throughout the entire surface of the garment. Use hot air on the front and the backside, inside and outside, and keep doing this until the entire garment is dry. 
  • To completely dry the clothes make sure that you are frequently rotating the garment it will help you to dry pockets, collars, and sleeves. 
  • To do the job thoroughly dries them from both inside and outside. 
  • Don’t just focus and keep the blow dryer at one spot for a long time. Some garments may catch fire if they get too much heat. 

What you will need to dry clothes with a hairdryer?

Drying your clothes with a hairdryer is a very simple process. You just need two things. 

  1. Coat Hanger
  2. Hairdryer

As you can use a towel for multiple purposes similarly hair dryers can also be used on your clothes. 


Please don’t try this method while you are wearing clothes. When you will do s air will not be able to run through the garment and as result moisture will not escape. You would not be able to completely dry your clothes. 


Most of the people have this question in mind. “Can a hairdryer be used to dry wet clothes”? The answer is yes. You can use a hairdryer for drying wet clothes. You cannot just use a hairdryer for drying your hair you can also use it for drying wet clothes without buying an extra cloth dryer. A plus point of hair dryers is you can easily carry them wherever you go. So, it is important to be familiar with the additional benefits of hair dryers. If you don’t have access to cloth dryers and your clothes are wet you can use your hand-held hair dryer to quickly dry your wet clothes. 

Using a hairdryer at a medium to high heat setting will help to evaporate the water from fabric and it will be converted into steam. Your clothes will be ready to be used again. You can use two methods for drying your wet clothes with a hairdryer. The first one is laying down your clothes on a dry and clean surface and the second one is to hang on a coat hanger. Avoid a few mistakes otherwise, you may end up damaging your garment. Keep rotating the dryer so that you can fully dry the garment. In this way, you can enjoy the additional benefits of hair dryers. 

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