Why are haircuts so important?

Haircut important

When it comes to hair, there is a lot of symbolism that comes with it. There is a reason why in a lot of cultures the first haircut of a baby is something often celebrated and very important within the steps they take in their lives. Hair symbolizes physical strength and fertility.

It is linked to being young and beautiful. It is associated with seduction and physical attraction, it is a symbol of freedom and looseness.

In the end, you can give hair any symbolism you want, but what no one can’t deny is that it is a very important part of our looks and that it is strongly connected to feelings and closure. 

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Nowadays more than ever, hair is a way in which you can strongly display your personality, which is why it is important to get haircuts and nourish this part of your body as much as you would any other. Not only that but haircuts can often be associated with getting closure and feeling better. Ever met a girl who cut her hair after a breakup? Yes, we all have, that’s because of the strong power and linkages there is between our hair and our emotions. 

So, such an important part of you should definitely have special care. A haircut is a way in which you reflect spiritual parts of you into such an important part of your body and your external appearance. Here are some reasons why haircuts are important.  

Healthier hair

Regular haircuts give you healthier hair, not only do you get rid of the bad parts but by getting a good haircut you also look good and you have an easier time managing your hair. If your hair is rather low maintenance, then styling it won’t require as much heat and products, which makes it healthier for longer. Cutting your hair on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to take care of it. 

Split ends

Get rid of your split ends with a haircut. Split ends have an effect in your hair in which they kind of poison it. They are caused by external damage and lack of hair strength, this damage can come from the sun, sea, chemicals, or even putting your hair up on a bun. You do need to protect your hair to avoid them, use heat protection products, treatments, but most importantly, getting regular haircuts. 

Thicker hair

You know how when you shave the hair grows back thicker, well, this is similar, sort of. All your hair becomes thinner with time, and when you haven’t cut your hair in a while the ends look thin, wispy, and weak. By cutting the thin part out, your hair looks thicker and fuller. Not only does it make you look more alive and healthy but it tricks the eye into making the hair look longer. 

Maintains the style and shape

When maintaining the personal style, we usually don’t put our hair into the equation, but rather our clothes and maybe even our nails. However, your hair is one of your most important accessories, and if it doesn’t look right, then sorry to tell you but neither do you. A haircut helps you externalize your style and make statements with the way in which you look, it shows strangers who you are when they haven’t seen anything but your appearance. That’s why a haircut that reflects you is important. 

Confidence boosts 

Sometimes you are just tired of everything. Yourself, your life, and even your looks. A new haircut, when done well, is likely to make you feel fabulous. Hair is a symbol of health and beauty, If you look healthy and beautiful you feel healthy and beautiful. Actually, according to some studies, a haircut can even help you feel smarter and more capable to fulfill all the tasks you are required to do in a day. 

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A good haircut can change your perception of yourself and of life 

A new hairstyle makes your image in the mirror different, and also makes other people see you differently. With the right haircut comes praise from others, and sometimes you just need those kinds of confidence boosts in your life. Feeling good about yourself again can completely change your perspective on things, making you feel more capable.  A haircut can mean a new person if that is what you want it to mean. 


As mentioned before, haircuts often provide closure. By changing your physical appearance, it is kind of a statement in saying that a period of your life is over. You are not that person anymore and you want to reflect that. Getting a drastic haircut is the promise of change and leaving something behind, but with the promise of stability, cause in the end hair always grows back. So, if you are going through, or recently went through a hard change in your life (breakup, divorce, death of a loved one) a haircut can help you leave that part behind. 

Spiritual boost 

In Hinduism, haircuts are related to energy and spirituality. When a person gets their hair cut there is some energy that leaves with that hair, and your energy is renewed in order to balance that loss of energy. That is why in Hinduism the first haircut of a baby and cutting your hair after the passing of your father is so important. It helps you prepare for changes to come and renew your energy. 

In the end, hair is a very important part of you. Not only does it hold a lot of energy and is strongly linked to being and feeling healthy and beautiful, but it has a seriously strong collection to your emotions and the way you feel every day. That’s why haircuts are important because they help reestablish these things and make them stronger. 

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