How to describe hair in writing

Describing hair in words is not an easy thing to do, you will need to find the very best phrases to make sure a person is getting what you are trying to describe to them, you should use words that should be able to paint a picture for the person you are making description to. 

You should be familiar with the different textures of the hair, different colors and different styles of hair. What you should keep in mind is that when using the adjectives to describe the hair, you should not overdo it, just make sure that you are giving enough description of the hair. You can do research about the phrases that can be used in the description of the color or the texture and the style of the hair, using the specific phrases that are understandable in the world of beauty is very important. You should also note the colors of the hair, they are different.

Tips used in writing hair descriptions

  • Combination of words
  • You should know well how to combine different phrases to give a detailed description of the hair you are trying to describe. Combination of different phrases is able to give a reader a full description the hair, for example, using a description like; ‘braided black hair’ just with one sentence a person knows more about the hair.

    Hair style

  • Describing the colors
  • It is important to know how to make a good description of hair colors, know all the phrases that can describe the color, and sometimes it is accompanied by the texture

    Short Dark Hair

  • Find the work that has been done
  • If you just can’t describe hair well it is advisable that you check out the descriptions that have been done to see how things are done.

    Special Hair

    How to describe beautiful hair

    Describing beautiful hair will need you to be loaded with positive phrases and adjectives that explains the color of the hair and the texture of the hair, this means that you will have. Try to make a combination of words from these categories that will be able to describe the hair; also the length of the hairs is important in the descriptions.

    How to describe hair color

    Describing colors will need you to first know better the color shades that are available in the beauty field, you should also know  what phrases to apply or to fuse with the color for you to be able to communicate effectively, here are some descriptions that you can use to describe the colors of  hair,

    • Dark Shades - this involves a description of colors that are generally dull or ashy all the color that fall in these categories are generally described as black, there are other colors that are really dark and deep, like dark blue, this will be described just as black.
    • Red - this is a very distinct color, it is really warm, the colors that can be described under this color include; orange, strawberry, wine, or carrot.
    • Ash blond - this is a confusing color, it has quite different tones, the color stands for other colors which are medium dark
    • Warm brown -this color contains both red and gold this shows the range of colors 

    How to describe hair texture

    There are very many textures that you need to check out because you will need to know every before attempting to describe any, you should check on the thickness of the hair, check on the density and determine how the hair is curly. There are three types of texture that you will have to dwell on in your descriptions; these are the thick texture, the medium texture, and the fine texture.

    • Thick texture- this is the kind of hair that has all the layers of hair, if you make a description as thick then the hair is really a lot of the head. The hair holds water for a long time compared to other textures
    • Medium texture- the hair might not be as thick as the first texture but it has just enough to cover the head well, it has two layers unlike the thick texture, The hair is lighter then the thick texture, this means that it can be changed into many styles.
    • Fine texture- the hair has only one layer, this means it is very light; it is very delicate just like that one of a young child, this hair cannot be able to stand straight on the head. It can have a problem with using many products.

    How to describe hair movement

    Describing the movement of hair is basically trying to tell how the hair is moving; you should be able to know which movements that can be made by the hair especially when the subject is moving, for instance when someone is dancing, you will need to observe the pattern of the movement before you go  ahead to make a description. Look for the adjectives and the nouns that describe that movement of the hair, you should try to find a way of combining the descriptions so that one can be able to understand well jut with a single description.

    How to describe the smell of hair

    Describing smell can be difficult to do because unless you get the right words to describe the small no one can understand the thing that might be going on, there are things you will need to do before coming up with successful description, first you will have to; observe the smell, then you will need to find the right description words to b able to describe, check out for better adjectives and nouns that can fit the description. You should note that only accurate descriptions will communicate the intended message.


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