Best Compliments Your Hairdresser Would Love To Receive

Photograph by: Guilherme Petri 

Just got your hair done recently? Perming, rebonding, dyeing, trimming and cutting. As easy as these procedures sound, loads of time, hard work and skill sets are actually required on your hairdressers’ side. Not going to lie, but your hairdressers actually deserves more credit than they are actually getting!

It is without a doubt that they receive monetary remuneration for their work, but wouldn’t just sparing a few seconds of your time to give them several words of compliment serve as a better reward to them? If you are curious as to how you can commend and praise your hairdressers in a variety of ways, continue reading this article to find out more about the best compliments your hairdressers would love to receive.

1.Good Communicator 

Excellent hairdressers are those who are able to communicate effectively with their customers to understand their needs and preferences when it comes to hair styling. This is especially essential in the hairdressing  industry, as customers will usually have specific requirements when it comes to doing their hair. 

Photograph by: Adam Winger 

Paying close attention to customers’ enquiry and providing constructive inputs are expected nothing less from a hairdresser with good communication skills. Thus, complimenting your hairdresser by implying how one is a good communicator cannot be more suitable to describe a hairdresser with such an inextricable quality. 

2. Polite 

A good hairdresser not only has to be knowledgeable, but should also be one who is courteous and respectful to his or her customer. I mean don’t we all prefer interacting with hairdressers who are well-mannered and considerate of your needs, rather than those who are rude and insolent (no matter how skillful they might be)? Working in the hairdressing industry can be tough as they would have to handle so many different customers in a day and also accept criticism from customers at times, which explains why some of the hairdressers we encounter can be rather impolite and moody. Personally, I have also encountered a few of such hairdressers, which has contributed to a few of my unpleasant experiences in the saloon.

Photograph by: Tommy Baraby

Without a doubt,  in customer service, especially one like this is definitely not an easy piece of cake. Hence, if your hairdressers are polite to you and are able to provide you with excellent services, why not just give them a deserving compliment for their manners and job well done?

3. Knowledgeable

Some people prefer younger hairdressers (those who just entered the industry), while there are some people who prefer hairdressers who are older (those with more experience in the industry) Well, in my opinion, it doesn’t really matter! 

Photograph by: Carlos Magno

As long as the hairdresser is well-equipped with rich knowledge about hairdressing, that’s all that matters. Being able to retain their knowledge and put it to good use by offering good advice to customers is nothing but one of the most valuable qualities a hairdresser can have. With this being said, they will certainly be more than happy to be called knowledgeable by their customers!

4. Precise 

Whenever we give our hairdressers details on our desired hairstyles or how we want our hair to be done, we want the result to be as close as what we expect. Thus, accuracy and exactness are exactly what’s needed here! However, easier said than done, ample of practice and skills are necessitated on their part to attain such precision. Hence, when they are able to acquire such expertise, is it not the time to praise them for their superb perfection by being remarkably precise in their ‘work of art’ ?

Photograph by: Engin Akyurt 

5. Consistent 

Cutting consistently one cut after another is extremely important, as what we need the least whenever we visit a salon are messy and inconsistent haircuts. Uneven haircuts will compel the hairdresser to keep altering your hairstyle in order to make yourself ‘look good’.

I guess now we all know why some of our hairdressers will keep suggesting and persuading us to cut larger portions of our hair (than what we initially intended) in the midst of the process? 

Photograph by: Ashkan Forouzani 

Thus, being consistent is also a part and parcel of being precise and essential in the attainment of perfection when it comes to hairdressing as well. When a hairdresser is consistent, customers will also likely be more pleased with his or her haircuts as well and hence the hairdresser should certainly be worth the praise!

6. Helpful

Are there times where you feel that your hairdresser is going the extra mile to make your experience even more pleasant and better by giving you a helping hand? For instance, when my hairdresser places a little stool beside me for me to place my handbag on it or when they place magazines on the table for me to read while getting through the mundane process of getting my hair trimmed. Little actions of theirs show that they are very thoughtful by being considerate towards their customers. So why not show your gratitude and satisfaction of their “extra” services by complimenting them for their helpfulness?

Photograph by: Luis Quintero

7. Referral 

Your referral is probably the best compliment you can give your hairdresser! Taking a name card from your hairdresser and then passing it to your friend or family, nothing like this beats the sense of gratification you are giving to your hairdresser. It also serves as a form of recognition, as a certain amount of trust in your hairdresser’s skills and ability is needed for you to be able to confidently recommend your hairdresser to people that you know. 

Photograph by: Carlos Magno

I am pretty sure your hairdresser will appreciate your referral as it signifies more than just hard work, but also acknowledgement and commendation for their work done.

All in all, a few simple words and just the casual act of passing your hairdressers’ number to others is already more than sufficient to make your hairdressers’ day! I guess with this article in your hands now, complimenting your hairdresser is nothing but just an effortless task, isn't it?

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Olivia Lim
I’m an adventurous person who relishes trying our different hairstyles for different occasions. Hence, I step into my favourite saloons about once every two to three months to get my hair done. Doing this also made me realise the importance of choosing a good hairdresser, and I certainly reckon that a good hairdresser is one who can exceed your expectations in many ways.
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