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Aveda Hair Dye Review

Aveda hair dye offers resistance against fading. It is a 96-percent naturally derived formula. It is made from natural ingredients such as jojoba and castor oils, and sunflower. When these ingredients infuse with hair will provide condition and shine to your hair. The permanent cream color will be mixed with a crème developer that acts as a color catalyst conditioner. It is the best salon hair color product available in the market. When you are new to coloring your hair you will be spending most of your time deciding which hair color is the best for you.  The Pros of Aveda Hair Dye It offers lots of benefits. You will enjoy amazing and long-lasting benefits. Some of the most important...

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Natulique Organic Hair Color Review

  Natulique hair color is among those organic hair colors which are toxic-free. In this article, you will find out the Natulique organic hair color review that will include the pros and cons of this hair color.  Why Natulique Organic Hair Color is the Best? This hair color contains a lower amount of chemicals but a good thing is they are still delivering good results. You will achieve long-lasting results and your hair will stay in good condition. This hair color is toxic-free. The biggest advantage is it will not cause any skin rash or allergy. Another good thing about this hair color is it does not contain ammonia. This is the best toxic-free product and it is used by...

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Best Hair Powder For Men

  A head full of thick hair is everyone’s ultimate crowning glory. Just as long locks are to women, thick hair is to men. Never would you find anyone dreaming and adoring their thin hair. And for men, thick hair is their best natural accessory. But pollution, poor diet and lifestyle changes have led their hair to a more finer end, quite literally. So much so that it made companies invented a new hair-care product especially to address the problem of a head with thin hair almost instantly. Hair powder seemed like Godsent when there was no quick-fix available for thinning strands.  What is a hair powder? Hair powder is a product which when dusted on the hair root absorbs...

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Wowo Ginger Shampoo Honest Review

  In this review on Wowo Ginger Shampoo, we will share several old news on Wowo ginger shampoo such as complaints, side effects, MLM problems and also possible fake Wowo Ginger shampoo in the market, Wowo ginger shampoo bad review These are mostly old news we found and collate. The product seems more legit now that it has survived all the bad reviews and news. A review at said that hair fall is still the same with 1 month of use, even though it feels cooler and claims that 1 week is sufficient to see results. Origin of Wowo Ginger Shampoo We start with where Wowo ginger shampoo is made in. It is officially made in China, Guangzhou specifically based on...

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Shocking Mayonnaise Hair Pack Review

Dry, damaged hair is everyone's nightmare. The journey to restoring damaged hair is nuanced with so many product uncertainties. There are natural products like fruits and foods (avocado, coconut, banana, egg). And synthetic conditioners.   However, mayonnaise is being increasingly experimented with as a befitting conditioner. So stylists and individuals have praised it as a great treatment for the hair.   So the big questions are…   Why mayonnaise?  If your hair is tangled, dry and difficult to comb then you may need to use mayonnaise. It gives the hair a soft feel and a shiny look. It smoothes the hair making it easy for you to work through it.   Which mayonnaise? The internet has a ton of mayonnaise...

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