Best Hair Powder For Men


A head full of thick hair is everyone’s ultimate crowning glory. Just as long locks are to women, thick hair is to men. Never would you find anyone dreaming and adoring their thin hair. And for men, thick hair is their best natural accessory. But pollution, poor diet and lifestyle changes have led their hair to a more finer end, quite literally.

So much so that it made companies invented a new hair-care product especially to address the problem of a head with thin hair almost instantly. Hair powder seemed like Godsent when there was no quick-fix available for thinning strands. 

Best Hair Powder For Men

What is a hair powder?

Hair powder is a product which when dusted on the hair root absorbs the excess oil and grease and makes the hair crispier. It binds with the hair strands and adds fullness to them and prevents them to fall flat on the scalp. It is also known as volumizing powder as it instantly adds volume to the hair. 

The main ingredient in most of the hair powders is Silica Silylate which is a binding agent. But that is not the only thing to look out for when selecting the best hair powder that suits your hair perfectly.

Best Hair Powder for Men

When it comes to selecting a product for hair, nobody likes to compromise. And one shouldn’t even! So, just like other hair-care products, one should look for certain things to get hold of the best hair powder in the market. 


If you are looking for the best hair powder, it should have Keratin in it for that fuller look. Keratin gets absorbed by each hair strand and lends it to the fuller look. It also smoothes down the hair cuticles, thereby, reducing the frizz in them. But do not forget to check out if the Keratin used is 10% natural and organic or not. Organic is always the best option than synthetic ones.

Color Safe

There is no use of applying hair powder if it runs off and stains the neckline of the collar of your shirt. Nor it makes sense to apply Golden Brown hair powder if your hair color is a shade of Bronze Brown or a Chestnut Brown. So, while selecting your go-to hair powder, look for a Color Lock Technology in it which prevents the color to get dusted off till evening. Look for a color tone that exactly matches your hair color as its use would not be obvious. If chosen carefully, a good hair powder fills all the gaps and sparse patches on your head in the most natural way and will even camouflage the hair extensions if you happen to wear one.


Our hair carries a slight positive charge in them. And as we know, opposite attracts, to hair attract and bind the hair powder with it properly, we must choose a hair powder carrying an electrostatic charge. Many hair powders are negatively charged and thus, stick to the hair follicle to give it the desired volume. The absence of the charge would make the powder dust off from hair during the day.

No residue

The best hair product is always the one that doesn’t make itself obvious to the eyes. It should make our hair the center of attention than becoming one itself. So, when selecting your perfect hair powder, always look for the one which has reviews of leaving no residue behind. There is no more trustworthy source than a real user. If the users have complained of visible flakes or lumps of powder after its application, it is not the one for you.


It is always good to smell good. But it is best to leave that task for your fragrance. Applying a scented product on your hair means putting more additives on your strands. And weighing your hair down isn’t even the last thing you want your hair powder to do to your hair. Always choose a scentless hair powder 

Volumizing ability

The biggest reason the hair powder came into being was to add volume to the hair strands. And if it fails to deliver it, it will defeat the whole purpose of this invention. This is the reason they are given the name of ‘Volumizing Powders or Boost Powders’ as they add a boost to your thin and lifeless hair. Before investing in a hair powder, look for the fulfilled claims of adding volume or boost to thin hair.

Easy application

The best product is always the one which saves you the hassle of applying it. Had you got so much of time for its application, you would have preferred visiting a salon and get it done from the expert itself. The easy application technique is a must while choosing your favorite hair powder. If the application is messy, lengthy and confusing and ultimately doesn’t even bring out the result you aimed for, it is money going in the trash. Look for an easy shaker-kind of the bottle which makes it easy to sprinkle the powder out on head or fingertips. 


If the hair powder you choose happens to be in a spray form, it surely will have alcohol as its base. The alcohol is not damaging for the hair cuticles but also weighs them down. If you want to keep your hair light and fluffy, it is best to opt for a hair powder that is alcohol-free. It will simply add life to and bounce to your hair instead of making them limp down. 

Wise Words

Best Hair Powder For Men

The way you carry your hair can make or break your personality. A formal suit, polished shoes, a matching tie, neatly groomed beard and then head with uneven bald patches of thin hair is surely not a good picture when you are the best man in your friends’ wedding or delivering an important presentation in your office’s board room. Hair powder is a blessing in disguise for such moments. It acts its magic on your hair just when you can’t wait for months for those thin hair to get thick. Simply remember the golden rule while applying ‘Less is more’.

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