How To Maintain Wavy Hair

Natural wavy hair can be challenging to handle since the process is not as straightforward.

Combing your wavy hair frequently to detangle the tangles is effective. Also, air-dry your hair, deep condition, experiment with different products, trim your hair, and avoid chemical processes to keep your wavy hair healthy. In terms of the styling, you can use a hair mousse, plaid your hair before sleeping, and use oil. 


So, let us start with the tangles. People with wavy hair tend to have their hair tangled more often than those with straight hairs. I, for one, have always struggled with immense, tight tangles in my hair. I used to have a bad habit of avoiding combing my hair. 

And let me tell you that is the first thing you absolutely should not to. Wavy hair tends to get tangled much more easily than straight hair, therefore, it is of utmost importance that you comb your hair frequently, especially if you keep your hair down the majority of the time.

I like to comb it upside down because it has proven to be effective in growing your hair effectively. It is truly up to you as to how you want to comb your hair, however, ensure to be extra gentle with your hair. I know it is hard to patiently comb through tangles, but trust me, it is best if you do not comb it fast as it will only lead to your hair falling out. 

Another tip to maintain your naturally wavy hair would be to air dry your hair. It is no secret that air drying is the best when it comes to the health of your hair. And since you have naturally wavy hair, air drying can make it help look more relaxed and authentic. Thus, avoid using a blow-dryer, curling iron, and flat iron. 

Since wavy hair consists of much-loosened curls, it has a higher risk of breakage and frizz compared to straight hair. Thus, it needs extra care, which means you have to ensure to wash it more often and condition it. Conditioner makes the hair softer and easier to manage, which is needed for wavy hair. 

Furthermore, it lowers the risk of your hair shafts from damage. Find yourself a suitable conditioner for your hair type and make sure to condition it regularly after washing your hair. 

If you want to increase the volume of hair, then maybe try using a hair mousse, which is lightweight and can hold the volume for a long time. It functions to help you reduce the frizz and emphasize more on your curls. Hair mousse does not damage your hair and therefore, is considered to be the perfect option when you want to increase the volume. 

Washing your hair can be a bit different from others. Thus, a tip is to try experimenting with different products and masks, and additionally, techniques, to figure out what is best for you and your hair. The reason why is because waves are a pattern, therefore some may have thick waves, whilst others may have fine waves. Everyone has different types of waves, which is why you need to experiment with different products to see what is best for you. 

To have even more curls after waking up, I would advise you to put your hair in a plaid if your hair is long enough. I have been doing this for a while now, and let me tell you, it has worked. 

I have been waking up with wavy hair every morning and I am loving it. Some people would advise you to put your hair in a bun. But from personal experience, I feel that a bun hurts a lot more when sleeping. Thus, I would recommend you to plait your hair instead of tying it in a bun. You can also read our other post on how to wear your hair to sleep.

Another tip would be to put oil in your hair strands, however, be sure not to put it on the scalp. Oil helps you to add the moisture in and not only that, but it also increases the shine. Maybe look for an oil that is lightweight or that is best for your hair, but make sure to only use a little. 

Avoiding chemical products and processes is a huge tip I would give to people with naturally wavy hair. Although staying away from chemicals is advised for all types of hair, it is especially important for those who have naturally wavy hair since their hairs are more prone to breaking and damaging. 

Recovering from the chemical damage can be especially challenging. If you do decide to dye your hair, use a natural dye such as henna. Please ensure to deep condition your hair before and after the process, if you want to undergo a chemical process. 

Last but not least, trimming your hair is important. I know it seems simple, but many people, including me, forget to trim their hair. Yes, it is mostly used to grow your hair, however, it is more important that you remove those split ends caused by heat, combing, and brushing. 

Split ends usually result in unhealthy hair, and you do not want that for your naturally wavy hair. Thus, ensure to trim your hair to keep it healthy and make it grow faster. 

To conclude, naturally wavy hair is more prone to breakage and damage when compared to straight hair. Air-drying your hair, experimenting with different products are just a few tips to maintain your naturally wavy hair. Additionally, ensure to stray away from chemical products. 

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