How To Wear Hair To Sleep

Not quite sure why you’re always waking up with tangled and unmanageable hair?

That's because while you’re off to your sleep, you might be sending your delicate locks of hair to the land of nightmares, due to all the unintentional friction caused to your hair with it constantly rubbing against your pillow all night. 

Here are some hairstyles you can try wearing overnight in order to achieve smooth, entangled, and frizz-free hair when you’re up from your beauty sleep!

1. Braid


All that tossing and turning when you’re asleep will undoubtedly lead to excessive breakage of your hair ends due to the friction your hair faces overnight. Braiding your hair not only protects it from tangling and breaking when you sleep but also gives you effortlessly gorgeous waves and cuts down on frizz the next day!

Tip: the smaller your braid, the tighter your waves will be while the bigger your braid, the looser your waves will be


Below are some time-friendly braid ideas for you to consider! 

Fishtail braid


Divide your hair into two parts. Starting from the outside of one part, bring a small section of hair across on top of the other part. Now, from the opposite part, bring a small section of hair across on top of the initial part. Repeat the steps until you reach the end of your hair and tie off the braid with a scrunchie.

Rope braid


Divide your hair into two sections. Twist each section in the same direction and then twist them together in the same direction. Continue twisting each section as you work your way down to the end of your hair. Secure the braid with a scrunchie. 

French braid 


Take a section of your hair at the crown of your head and divide it into three sections. Starting at either the left or the right, cross a section over to the middle section, and repeat it with the opposite side. Keep repeating but add hair along the way till you reach the bottom of your hair. Secure the braid with a scrunchie.

2. Bun


Twisting your hair around itself to create a bun helps you to achieve natural-looking waves the next morning with minimal effort. It has been recommended by many hair experts to use a scrunchie instead of a tight elastic to secure the bun in order to avoid awkward hair creases. In addition, sleeping with a high bun can give your hair some volume boost when you take it out the next day!

3. Twisting


If you’re not a fan of having wavy curls, try twisting your hair! Start off by sectioning your hair into two, twist each section away from your face, and then twist both sections together before securing the sections with bobby pins.

4. Pineappling


Gathering your hair at the top of your head and wrapping a scarf around the base help to prevent tangles from forming while you’re fast asleep. With your hair ends fully covered by the scarf, they will be well protected from possible hair breakage and split ends.

5. Capping


If you want your hair to be fully protected when you sleep, cover your hair with a scarf in order to minimize the amount of friction your hair faces. With your hair wrapped up around your head, it helps with moisture retention and encourages the even distribution of natural oils from the roots to the ends, which keeps your hair from drying out the next day.

When choosing the material of the scarf, be sure to pick one that does not cause hair breakage! It has been recommended by many hair experts to use a silk scarf because silk allows your hair cuticles to glide smoothly against it, eliminating friction against your pillow.

6. Pin curls


Start off by parting your hair into as many sections as you desire  more sections if you wish to have more curls the next day and lesser sections if you want to have fewer curls. Take each section of your hair and wrap the hair into a circle close to your scalp. Tuck your hair ends into the middle of the circle and secure it with a bobby pin.

Pin curling your hair might sound pretty tedious and daunting but I personally find pin curling my hair easier than braiding it!

Extra Pre-sleep Hair Care Tips 

Merely doing up your hair in the recommended hairstyles before bed might not be enough to give you the dream hair you desire.

You should think about switching up your pre-sleep hair care routine if you’ve missed out on any of the recommended hair care tips listed below.

1. Do not sleep with wet hair

I’m sure plenty of us wash our hair at night and sometimes we would get too lazy and impatient to wait for it to be fully dry before turning in. Our hair becomes way more fragile when wet, so going to bed with wet hair isn’t recommended because it increases the risk of hair breakage that leads to damage.

2. Brush your hair before bed

I’m guilty of skipping this step until recently — simply because I’m too lazy. But brushing our hair before we sleep is way more important than most of us might think. It not only helps to detangle our locks but also evenly distributes our hair’s natural oils from our roots throughout the rest of our hair.   

3. Give yourself a scalp massage

Treating yourself to a quick scalp massage stimulates blood flow to your hair follicles, which keeps them healthy and even encourages them to produce thicker strands.

Bonus: scalp massages are known to be super relaxing so you might have an easier time falling asleep!  

4. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Sleeping on harsh fabrics can cause hair breakage especially when you’re tossing and turning at night! Changing your pillowcase to one made of silk prevents your hair ends from excessive damage since silk is much smoother than other fabrics.

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