Will Cold Hair Dryer Damage My Hair?

Yes, a cold hairdryer will still damage your hair but not more than the heat dryer. Using cool hairdryer results will be less catastrophic, but in the long run, results are the same such as dehydrated and dry ends. The best thing that you can do is only use the hair dryer when it is necessary and you don’t have the second option. There are a few precautions.

  • Avoid using a hair dryer daily. It will not only rob the natural moisture of hair but also the chances of hair breakage will be increased. 
  • Any kind of cold or hot therapy can be dangerous so it is better to stay away from flat ironing. 
  • For healthy hair, it is better not to spray on hair or use only once a week. 

Will Cold Hairdryer Damage My Hair?

What are the effects of a hairdryer on the scalp?

  • During shower water will enter into each strand of a hair follicle. After shower when you get out of the bath you immediately turn on the dryer to dry your hair and for great styling. 
  • During this entire process, one thing that you did not realize is the moisture that gets into your scalp. When you use heat or cold hair dryer moisture will evaporate and pushes your hair fibers’ as a result, your hairs left up with opened spaces. 
  • These open spaces are the main causes behind the damage and breakage of your hair. When a hot dryer is used it will weaken the roots so the result will be the hair will not be firmly attached to the scalp as it was before the use of a dryer. 
  • When you vigorously dry your hair using a towel it will also result in the breakage of hair. To keep your scalp protected the best thing that you can do is dry your hair naturally. 
  • If the hairs are wet avoid using a hard bristle brush or hard brush. It is better to use a wide-toothed comb. 

Hot vs. Cold air hair dryers

  • Hot hair can help in changing the texture of hair. It will change the texture from curly to straight and vice versa. In hot air hair dryers, there are different temperature settings and temperature will vary according to your hair type. For coarser and thicker hair high temperature will be needed but for fine hair and damaged hair, you can use lower temperature settings. 
  • When you dry your hair with hot hair it may be a fast process, but the heat will damage your hair badly. A cold air hair dryer will keep your hair healthy. To maintain the health of hair low temperature is a good choice. 
  • Styling your hair at a low temperature will not only keep them healthy but also the hairs will be noticeably moisturized. 
  • Cool air dryers can help you to keep the hair in place as you want to do. Cool air hair dryers will help to cool the hair down and you can easily maintain them into a new manipulated style. Cool air dryers will seal the cuticles and the result will be more smooth and shiny hair. It comes up with a lightweight hair spray which can help to keep the hairstyle in place. 
  • Cool air will not only help to maintain style but also it will avoid your fine hair from damaging. 

How can you dry your hair keeping them healthy?

There are simple practices that can help you to dry your hair and also keep them healthy. 

Will Cold Hairdryer Damage My Hair?

  • It is better to dry your hair naturally. Let your hair air dry about 70 to 80 percent. 
  • Turn on the hair-dryer and keep at the coolest setting blow your hair dry.
  • Using it every time keep the hair-dryer 6 inches away from our hair. 
  • Keep moving the hair-dryer continuously doesn’t just stick to one place.
  • It will provide you healthy hair without the use of heat. 

Mistakes we make during blow-drying

Blow-drying at home can never match the blow drying at a salon. Common mistakes we make during blow-drying are given-below:

  • Use of the wrong hair-dryer
  • All the hair-dryers are not created equal and contain different features. Ionic hair dryers will dry your hair quickly as these dryers will not only use heat but also break down the water as well. There are ceramic hair dryers as well. So, identify your hair type and choose the hair-dryer accordingly. 

  • You are not maintaining the correct angle of brush and hair-dryer
  • Holding a dryer at one point will dry your hair quickly but don’t do that. You should continuously move the hair-dryer. When you are drying your hair at home make sure that the direction of a blow dryer is horizontal and the direction of the brush is vertical. It will help to dry your hair quickly and without any damage. 

  • You might have set the heat setting too high
  • You should set the temperature according to your hair condition and texture. You can use high heat when your hairs are thick and coarse and you want to get rid of excessive moisture. For thin and fine hair lowering the heat setting will do the job very nicely for you. When your hairs are 80% dry then switch to cool settings. 

  • You don’t use heat-protectant product
  • During styling, it is better to use some heat-protectant products. You can use a lotion or spray for this purpose. Even if you are doing this after 4 to 5 days make sure that you are using these protective products. 

  • You might not be using the right hairbrush
  • Right hairbrush plays a vital role during styling your hair. The right hairbrush will help to distribute the products properly and your hair will be soft and bouncy. 


    Cold air hair drying will cause damage but much less than the heat drying. Using a cold air hair dryer will keep your hair healthy and are less prone to damage and breakage. 

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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