Zoe Tay Best Hair Moments Over 30 Years

Ready for a 30+ year journey in Zoe Tay's life?

Zoe Tay is Singapore's most celebrated and respected female celebrity at all times. She is so loveable to this date on her Instagram so we decide to write this post, gathering as many photos from the past as we can.

Before she acted, she was a student like us. I found this from an old-dated site, but the image was only this big (Quality is poor and probably have a better one in Zoe's 1995 Pictorial).  

She didn't watch TV much and her life as a simple village girl who grew up on a pig farm become the leading TV actress in Singapore. 


Taken in 1988, Zoe Tay was the winner of the Star Search among the many competitors.

Source: MediaCorp Facebook

Source: AsiaOne

Chen Hanwei, in a Straits Time interview, shared a photo of them together on the way back after Star Search. Zoe said about Hanwei: "We didn't like each other at first - is it time that led me to see the real Chen Hanwei for who he is? He is kind, sincere and gives me a sense of security, like the roots of a tree. I've always said that he is like an angel to me."

Source: StraitsTime

Zoe was one of the stars in "My Fair Lady" together with Aileen Tan & Jazreel Low as they took the following publicity shoot for My Fair Ladies.


Source: Hayden Singapore

She still looked the same as current times, fabulous and distinct. 


Source: MeWatch

Source: Jazreel and Zoe

An 8 Days article also revisited the trios with a shoot of them for the "You Can Be An Angel 3" shot in 2018 (on the right).

Source: 8 Days 


Taken in 1999, Zoe Tay starring as Bobo in the Pretty Faces.

Source: 8 Days

Take in 1995, there was a limited edition Zoe Tay's pictorial. It also contains a Translink Card,

Source: Carousell

Source: Carousell


Taken in 1996, Zoe followed up with The Unbeatable II and won her

Source: IMDB


Taken in 2001, the year that Zoe married to her pilot husband Philip Chionh (they were engaged in 1995). A solid 6 years 

Source: YoungParents



Source: 8 Days


Taken in 2006, one of the rare photos of Zoe Tay in a bikini, which her sons don't like.

Source: AsiaOne

Taken in 2005 Star Award, Zoe Tay looking like Nicole Kidman.


Taken in 2007, Zoe Tay in Star Awards 2007.

Source: 8 Days

Taken in 2008, Zoe Tay taking a photoshoot for the 8 Days Cover at 40.

Source: GoodyFeed

Source: HerWorld 

Source: 8 Days



Taken in 2009, Zoe Tay in minis for Star Awards Show 2

Source: 8 Days

Taken in 2010, Jazreel, Aileen, and Zoe were together again at the Star Search 2010 finals.

Jazreel, Aileen and Zoe at the Star Search 2010 finals

Source: 8 Days


Taken in 2011, Zoe Tay featuring a daring, zesty, orange look.

Source: 8 Days

Taken in 2012, Tay was a "jumble of nerves" when she learned that she would have to kiss Irish actor Aiden Gillen for her new arthouse drama, Mister John. 

Unlike her former local co-stars, Tay did not know and had never spoken to Gillen before filming began here on Monday.

Source: AsiaOne

Taken in 2012, Zoe Tay and her Donna Karan geometric gown look like a work of art on the red carpet.

Source: 8 Days


Taken in 2012 Drama 30th Anniversary Show, Zoe stole the show when she arrived in this sexy metal bustier gown from Versace that cost and weighed a tonne.  

Source: 8 Days

Taken in 2013, Zoe made a bold fashion statement when she skipped her usual gowns for this edgy androgynous outfit.

Source: 8 Days

Taken in 2013, Zoe made another bold fashion statement when she skipped her usual gowns for this edgy androgynous outfit.

Source: 8 Days

Taken in 2013 Star Awards 2013 Show 2, Zoe was a picture of grace in this strapless canary yellow Gucci gown at the Star Awards 2013. In fact, she liked this look so much that she had her Madame Tussauds wax figure styled in the same way.

Source: 8 Days

Taken in 2014 Zoe looks stunning in her pixie cut and studded Gucci dress. 

Source: 8 Days

Taken in 2015, Zoe was in another stunning Carolina Herrera gown that was different and refreshing.

Source: 8 Days

Taken in 2015, one of the rare photo of Zoe Tay and her family. It was taken with Mr. Ng Eng Hen as many watched the Black Knights give their wonderful performance over the Marina Barrage, despite the rain and clouds.

Mr. Philip was once a Black Knight, and they make a beautiful-looking couple. Zoe is as glamorous as ever, very popular, and busy with her acting career. They also joked about doing their bit for SAF by contributing three boys. (Little boys were bored though).

Ng Eng Hen 2015


Taken in 2016 Star Awards, Zoe Tay still standing out in a scarlet Valentino gown.

Source: 8 Days

Source: Facebook

Taken in 2016, Zoe Tay, who is not musically inclined, accepted the challenge to play piano for the charity.

Tay, 47, said: "The piano is such a beautiful musical instrument. When I was asked to play it, I thought about it as I know it's an instrument that requires some time to master.

Zoe Tay 2016

Source: TNP

Taken in 2017 Stars Award, Tay playfully addressed, saying: “Long time no see. I’ve already given birth to three kids.”

Source: Straits Times

Source: MeWatch

Take in 2018 Star Awards, Zoe Tay looking fabulous and posting at her Instagram.

Source: Instagram

Taken in 2018 on her 50th birthday, Pan Ling Ling, Zoe Tay, Aileen Tan taking a photo at the celebration.

Source: MeWatch

Taken in 2018, Zoe Tay showing up in a Cartier store opening in this sophisticated number from Ferragamo.

Source: 8 Days


Taken in 2019,  Zoe Tay launched a campaign against date rape at a panel discussion on Wednesday (25 June), during which she warned women and girls against being taken advantage of by men in social situations.

Tay said, “I think no one has the right to abuse anybody. I find it very sad that it happens in our modern Singapore. We should protect everybody. Besides your own children, you should respect everybody.”

Zoe Tay

Source: Yahoo

Take in 2019, Calvert Tay, 17 (left), son of actor Zheng Geping and actress Hong Huifang, poses for a photo with his on-screen mother, actress Zoe Tay, 49. Both will be starring in Channel 8’s upcoming drama While We Are Young. 

Source: Today Online

Taken in 2019, during the Stars Award 2019.

8 days

Star Awards 2019


Taken in 2020, during an interview of how Zoe Tay is managing during the circuit breaker.


Source: 8 Days


Wow, there is quite a fast 30+ journey. You can that Zoe maintained her looks throughout the years and trying some different looks. It is amazing how she managed all these while having 3 sons.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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