Xiaomi Nose Hair Trimmer Review

Xiaomi HN1 is a nose hair trimmer brand. It has an excellent design. In fact, it looks like a pen. It looks shiny because it is made up of imported steel. Due to the smaller size, everyone can carry it with them wherever they go. It can be used in the bathroom as well because it is water-proof. It can remove the hair quickly and carefully because it has a powerful motor. It is light in weight so everyone can easily carry it. 

xiaomi nose trimmer

It is packed so nicely that a buyer will have to cut down two packets. One packet is extra which can be cut by a knife. The second is the main box which contains trimmer in it. You will get a user manual that will guide you on how to use this product. All the features of the product will be mentioned in the manual. Users can use this device so comfortably. Users don’t have to pull things too much. Users can use this device easily and comfortably as compared to other nose hair trimmers. It is made up of high quality imported steel. Its simple design and steel material made it worth watching. 

Main features of Xiaomi Nose Hair Trimmer

It has lots of important features. It has a high-speed motor that helps to remove nose hair quickly this will save time. Along with saving time a user will get a better feeling while removing the nose hair. Another important component of this device is a sharp cutter head. A user can easily use this sharp cutter. The most interesting feature is it can be used in the bathroom because it is waterproof. Most of the people tend to do shaving in the washroom so they can remove the nose hair in the washroom with this efficient nose trimmer. A user can use it in the bathroom which will keep his room clean. 

Pros of Xiaomi Nose Hair Trimmer

It has a lot of benefits. Few but most important are given below:

Portable design

We are living in a world where we want everything to be portable. That we can carry with us. This nose hair trimmer is also a portable device a user can take it with him wherever he goes. If we are going for a long journey let say for 20 to 30 days we will put it with other essential luggage. 

It can resolve the breathing issue

If you have excess hair in your nose it will cause some health issues. It will cause discomfort for a person. These excessive hairs will cause an issue during breathing. So this hair trimmer will help you to get rid of excessive nose hair and enjoy better breathing. 

Mini body

It is made up of imported steel. This product is smaller in stature. So a person can use it easily and comfortably. It is difficult to handle large size devices. It has a mini body so can be handled and managed easily. 

An excellent feature of the control channel

It provides safety for both males and females with the help of two control channels. These channels will help to not only remove nose hair, but also the ear hair. It will save the cost of buying an extra device for this purpose. 

Made up of high-quality material

High-quality material is much needed for any device. Blades of this nose hair trimmer are made up of imported steel which is too sharp. This sharpness allows the user to use it easily and comfortably. Devices that have slow blades can cause the issue for the skin. 


Its weight is only 0.1 kg. So a user can treat it or keep it as a pen. This light in weight feature allows you to carry it with you. 

Charging Method

These devices run on a battery. You will just have to put the battery and it will be able to perform the task. 

Affordable price

The price of a product is the key factor that forces a user to take action. If the price is in the range of a user he will buy it otherwise not. But the price of this hair trimmer is not too much. It is affordable so everyone can buy it. 

Hidden switch

There is a concealed switch at the bottom of the device. This switch will reduce the error that can occur sometimes. By pushing this switch it will act like a water-proof model which is the main feature of this device. 

Smaller in size

The height of the hair nose trimmer is very small. It is just more than 12 cm. It can be easily put into a pocket or a bag. 

Perfect finish

Blades are quite sharper so it helps to remove nose hair quickly and effectively. It will provide a nice finish of cutting nose hair. So a person will not have to do this on a regular basis. 

Cons of Xiaomi Nose Hair Trimmer

  • The main issue with this device is it runs through seven batteries. With the passage of time and frequent usage, these batteries will become down. As a result, the user will have to buy a new set of batteries. This will be a cost concern for a user to buy batteries regularly. 
  • Price is no doubt affordable, but it is on a higher side as compared to other brands.


Xiaomi HN1 is a device used for nose hair removal. It has unique and important features that are uncommon in other devices. A most interesting feature is it is waterproof so can be used in the bathroom. It is made up of some high-quality material that provides a gorgeous look. Black is always attractive. The color of the device is also black so it adds to the beauty of this product. 

Except for its beautiful design and unique features it performs the job efficiently. It has lots of benefits. It has one or two minor drawbacks. So for the effective and efficient cleaning of your nose hair, this Xiaomi HN1 nose hair trimmer is a perfect choice. 

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