Would a Hairdresser Notice Lice?

It is highly likely that a hairdresser would notice lice. They go through a client’s hair meticulously as they brush, cut and style it. Head lice would not go unnoticed except for the careless or inexperienced hairdresser. They may be ill-prepared to deal with it when they will see it. 

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So how would a hairdresser react if you found lice in their client’s hair? With the stigma and shame surrounding lice, few people want to be told they have it. This means that a hairstylist must find a way to deal with a client’s head lice situation privately. 

What Happens When a Hairdresser Notice Lice?

The worst a hairdresser can do is call out you out. It would make you feel shamed in public. However, that would likely get them horrid reviews from a client so they probably would not do that as it is not good for business. 

Once they discover you have lice, do not panic. Anyone with children in school can have the pesky little creepers in the house. The good hairdresser will find a way to let you know privately and gently while keeping your confidence. 

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It is common for salons these days to have solutions for head lice. This allows hairdressers to get rid of the lice and work on the client’s hair. The client needs not to leave the salon with their hair undone. 

It would be traumatic for a client who needs a quick fix for a same-day event to be sent away. Imagine you are on your way to a job interview. You pop into the salon for a quick do in a bid to look your best. The hairdresser tells you they cannot work on your hair because you have lice. 

That would really do a number on your confidence. You may end up not going to the interview and missing out on great opportunities. 

The scenario would play out differently if a solution was offered. The salon gets rid of the lice and gives you a great hairdo. Your confidence will be up in the rafters as you get to your interview. 

Informing Clients About Lice and Fight the Stigma

A salon that offers solutions to clients who have lice will be highly recommended to potential customers. They will educate their client on lice with regard to:

  • What environment they thrive in
  • How to prevent them from lodging in your hair
  • How to get rid of them
  • How to prevent them from spreading
  • How to clean up if you have worked on a client that has lice

Additionally, you could also help to reduce the stigma associated with lice. 

What Hair Salon Do After the Client Leaves

Once they have worked on a client that had lice, they must do a meticulous cleanup. It is possible that a louse or two fell onto the floor or chair the client was sitting in. They need to do the following to prevent a pandemic in the salon:

  • Use an enzyme cleaner to wipe the chair down.
  • Sweep and also vacuum around the chair.
  • Give yourself a thorough check over to ensure not one louse landed on you.
  • Disinfect any combs and brushes you used. You can use a disinfectant. Alternatively, you can steam or boil them.
  • You can also put them away in a tightly sealed bag for up to three days. They should be dead in 48 hours. Lice are gluttonous little vampires that cannot survive without blood for 48 hours. 
  • Do not ignore the waiting area. If your client waited in there, a few adventurous lice may have jumped off to conduct a tour. 
  • Also, take care of any coats and other garments that may have been in contact with the client’s clothing. 

Keeping Salon Free of Lice

It would be terrible if clients came to your salon and left with lice. Your reputation would sink lower than the underground. To keep your salon free of the little vapid vampires, do the following:

Be Informed About Lice

Ensure that everyone that works in the salon is lice-aware. This means they should be educated about lice and their little sneaky ways. Educate them on how to get rid of them as well as how to prevent them from spreading. 

Educate Affected Clients

Give them instructions on how to remain lice-free. If your salon provides solutions, let the client know. Show them what solutions you have to offer as well as how to use them effectively.

Sanitize the Work Area

First of all, your salon should always be clean. After working on a client that had lice everything they came into contact with should be cleaned and sanitized. This ensures that the lice will not spread to you, your staff or other clients. 


Many people balk at the thought of having lice anywhere on their bodies. Hairdressers should be informed enough about lice to be able to notice them. In addition, they should be in a position to offer solutions to their clients.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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