Worst Hair Salons In Singapore

We look at the reviews received by hair salons to share some bad experiences of hair salons in Singapore. We found one with average reviews and it was found in a tourist spot in Vivo City.

Lacoco Korean Hair Salon - Vivo City

This salon is one of the most famous and most popular along with the high expertise Salon available in Singapore Vivo City. However, a reviewer, Catherine, stated that “Everything is overpriced”.

There were other reviewers (with only had 1 review in total so it might be from competitors) saying the staff was impatient and in a rush.  There was also one saying the untrained assistant has a smoking smell, which is definitely not expected for a higher class hair salon.

A tourist also had a bad experience saying (They) “Didn’t listen to my style and choice and charged me for long when my hair is very short.”.

Few Singaporeans probably frequently visited this place as they have their own local set of hairstylists. However, people who are actually traveling into this country or even just a tourist for newly settling there are more likely to get to this place due to convenience spot with great shopping and food and distance to Sentosa Island. 

Vivo City Night

Apgujeong Hair Salon - Various Places, Bishan

The most common complaints were the prices and yet services do not match the price. Someone “Paid about $880 for a perm which looks about the same in another saloon which only charged me at $420. Treatment of hair after the perm is about the same as the other saloon. Very upset with the hairstylist and saloon as I thought with the higher price I paid, my hair would come out amazing. I never expected that this is such a great disappointment. It will be my last visit there.”

Russell Salon - Jurong Point

As a heartland salon, the Russell Salon received complaints due to the customer services. The reception and staff seem to be idle and not inviting to staff, which is probably due to poor training. The inconsistent and uneven haircut lengths had also led to many complaints too for a heartland salon.

Terrible service and haircut. Do not recommend to anyone lest you prefer a fringe of 4 different lengths. Waiting time was at least 45 mins for a salon with 5 customers and 3 staff idling at the back using their phone.  

H I Salon - Woodlands MRT

H I Salon is located conveniently at Woodlands and had many unhappy customers. The complaints are mostly targeted at the salon's cleanliness, changing of prices even if you bought their package, and hairdressing' services.

This salon is a disaster. Most hairdressers only speak Chinese and don't even consider asking what cut is needed before starting to cut. The boon lay outlet is relatively better. Only positive is that the haircut is relatively cheaper compared to some other places  

Overall Thoughts

It really boiled down to the price and expectations when you paid a huge price for a perm or hair cut services. Overpriced is the outcome if you are not getting what you expect or have a higher expectation than the salon can provide.

The actual tradition of Singapore hair salons is that they usually get your hair done with the basic raw cut rather than doing any actual styling or any type of washing or drying. Not actually saying that it is a bad procedure but it is more likely to happen that the people from outside of that country are not quite coping with the total environment and as per result it is more likely to be a disaster of a haircut as the total condition of the hair will not add up to the overall height maintained. 

There is also quite some inconsistency regarding the total service that is being provided by the most popular hair salons in Singapore and one of the major factors among those are coming as when they are styling your hair it is more likely to happen that is that you will not have proper suggestions or even the basic guidelines from the hairstylist on the expert that has been hired as a full-time into that salon. Again saying that the actual native people are quite familiar with this tradition but towards those people who are new to this place are the travelers or tourist this is going to be one of the worst and most inconsistent experiences in terms of getting a haircut as this could be easily considered worst hair Salon in Singapore for them.

The major factor for paying at least $20 for a hairstyle done by a hair salon gives someone an expectation for a much better experience than a fuss-free cut can be as low as $6 to $12. 

There are several red flags before going to a salon. One is poor review comments online with a simple search. Another red flag is a relatively empty salon even with a moderate price for hairdressing services.

Hair salons in Singapore

When one of the main income sources for a hair salon is coming from the tourists, you would expect a simple hair cut have better services too. The receptionist should welcome you and share with you the available services. When you asked for a specific haircut, you should get that specific haircut or explanation of why it does not work for you.

Hair is one of the major components of any person's look and all the charm. Disregarding any of the gender factors rather than it is a male or even or female it doesn’t matter and also if especially female it depends highly on the overall hairstyle that is going to define a woman’s true personality.

Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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