Will Hair Dryer Cause Hair Fall?

A frequently asked question is “Will hair dryer cause hair fall”. It depends on the heat settings and usage of hair dryers. As long as you are not burning your skin or irritating your scalp with your hairdryer, it would not result in hair loss. When you are using a hairdryer at a low to medium heat settings, the amount of heat that reaches the scalp will be minimum. You can use even higher heat settings as well, but make sure that you are keeping a hairdryer a few inches away from the scalp. 

Will Hair Dryer Cause Hair Fall?

If you are facing an issue of hair fall, it would be a guessing game for you to know the reason. Consult a trained physician and let him know the entire story. Do people ask whether the extensive use of blow dryers can cause hair fall or not? If you are noticing an abnormal hair fall while using a hairdryer for blow-drying your hair, then no need to wonder there is a connection between the hair fall and the use of a hairdryer. 

The heat from a blow dryer can harm your hair. When you are using a hairdryer for blow-drying daily, it will remove the natural moisture from hair and your hair will become brittle and dry. The dry scalp will result in the hair fall. It would not affect much on the hair growth cycle. Try to give your hair some break from blow-drying surely it will help to bring some moisture back. 

How to use hair dryers effectively?

  • Almost all the hairdryers come with a temperature control mechanism. To minimize the damage caused by blow-drying, it is better to stick to cool mode as far as you can. 
  • You can use a hot setting occasionally but try to avoid using it frequently. Make sure that you are not using hair dryers in high heat settings for a long time. 
  • It is better to regulate the blow dryer’s direction towards the tip of strands instead of focusing it on the roots. 
  • While using a hairdryer keep it at a certain distance apart from the scalp. Direct exposure of heat to the scalp can dry moisture from strands. As a result, it will cause serious damage to roots. 
  • It is better to use a blow dryer not more than twice a week. 

How to prevent hair dryers from damaging your hair?

There is a strong possibility that blow-dryers will damage your scalp and hair. There are a few simple and easy steps that you can take to minimize or prevent damage. 

Will Hair Dryer Cause Hair Fall?

  • Use blow dryers at a cooler setting
  • Extreme heat can cause some serious damage to your hair and the scalp. There is a facility of temperature control in all the dryers. So it is better to use hair dryers at a cooler setting. You can easily dry your hair even setting the dryer at a low to medium heat settings. So there is no need to use blow-dryers at a high heat setting. 

  • Don’t point blow-dryers directly at the roots
  • It is the most common mistake made by most of us. Protect the scalp and roots of the hair at all costs. To protect the natural moisture inside the scalp it is better to point the blow dryer towards the tips of your hair rather than roots. Natural oils inside your scalp can help your hair to stay hydrated for the whole day. 

  • Don’t just focus on one spot for a long time
  • If you are doing this you are making a blunder. It is one of the quickest ways to remove the natural moisture from the scalp. When you are pointing on a single spot, there will be too much heat accumulated there and it would be easy for your hair to handle. This excessive heat can burn your scalp and skin and there will be permanent damage to your hair. Continuously keep moving the dryer around your hair without focusing on a single spot for too long. Repeat this process if needed. 

  • Use hairdryers less often
  • If you can minimize the blow dryer usage, then try it. There is no special way or precaution that can help to completely protect hair damage from heat. It is better to give your hair a break from blow dryers. If you can’t survive without a blow dryer then try to use it in a cooler setting. It will take some more time but will do the job. 

  • Use heat protecting products
  • Such products are designed specifically to prevent your hairs from damage caused by heat styling tools. These products don’t protect from 100% damage at least they can help to minimize. Such protective products come in spray or cream form. Before blow-drying your hair, spray these products into your hair thoroughly and let it penetrate. It will moisturize your hair and prevent your hair from heat damage. 


    When you are using a blow-dryer, keep all these little things in mind. Pay extra attention if your hairs are already thin. Blow-drying can speed up the process of hair loss, but taking some precautionary measures can help to avoid the damage. Hairdryers are almost part of every woman and man’s daily routine. Hairdryers are powerful styling tools. Blow drying can also help to speed up the drying process. 

    As far as this question “Will Hair Dryer Cause Hair Fall”? It is concerned, it depends on the frequency of use and heat settings. No doubt, blow dryers can save your time and help in styling, but at the same time, they can cause some serious damage to your hair as well. Blow dryers largely contribute to hair fall, especially when used in high heat settings. When hair dryers are used at a high temperature they remove the natural moisture from the scalp and the result will be a dry scalp. Your hair will be more prone to damage and breakage. You can minimize the damage by using twice a week and in a cooler setting. 

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