Why White Hair Shouldn’t Be Plucked

Sprouting grey hair is not a sign of old age. There are several other causes of grey hair.

There are several reasons why white hair shouldn't be plucked. What happens if we pluck white hair?

  • Plucking white hair can ruin your hair texture
  • You may end damaging your scalp
  • Risk of ingrown hairs on the scalp
  • Lastly, Plucking white hair is not a solution

If you took the time to observe some of your friends, you will realize that some of them are getting grey hair at a younger age. Some even get grey hair at the age of 22 while others get it later in their life.

In this brief, we will talk about some of the main causes of grey hair, give reasons why plucking it is not the best solution and eventually give measures that you can take to stop or live with white hair.


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Reasons you should stop plucking your white hair

Plucking white hair is not only the worst beauty measure that you should practice but also one of the most dangerous things to do for your hair. However, I know that plucking white hair is an irresistible habit but now you have the below reasons to stop plucking it.

Plucking hair can ruin your hair texture

The fact is that every time you pluck your hair, you run the risk of damaging your hair’s natural texture. What this means is that in every case, if you pluck the hair, there’s the risk of new growth being wiry.

Plucking white hair is not a solution

The other reason why you should stop this behavior is that no matter the effort you put, this is not a good solution. Plucking will never get rid of white hair completely. One thing is sure about is that you are not fooling your scalp by plucking your white hair. No matter the case, the follicle is still gray and it will grow back.

You may end damaging your scalp

If you keep on plucking white hair, you may end up damaging the follicle permanently. This is not something good because you may end up losing all the hair. With all the coming solutions for this problem, I don’t see any reasons why you should be damaging your hair follicles.

Risk of ingrown hairs on the scalp

Another issue that is likely to occur is ingrown hair. The fact is plucking white hair will disrupt and possibly damage the lining that surrounds the hair. Damaging the lining can result in several problems ingrown hair being one of them.

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What to do about white hair?

Now that you shouldn’t pluck your white hair, what should you do about white hair? Here are some of the best ways to deal with this.

Wash your hair every day

This is one of the best ways to deal with white hair. The fact is that washing your hair every day may end or prevent the growth of white hair. This has been around for some time. People in ancient times believed that if they washed their hair daily, then they reduced the chances of growing white hair. Although there’s no satisfactory evidence that this may work, most of the people live to testify.

Use hair mascara

People were previously covering their hair with a technique known as Mascaro and this technique is now coming back to us. Although this method will temporarily treat the problem, it’s a good alternative to help you manage the condition.

Load some colors

Color Hair

Although coloring the hair has several issues, you can go about it the right way and minimize the appearance of the white hair. You shouldn’t try this at home. The wisest decision is to ensure that the hair is colored professionally.


This is another way that you can deal with white hair. Several hairstyles work well with white hair. If you don’t want to have a specific style, then why don’t you shave all the hair?

Main causes of white hair

There are several reasons why white hair may sprout when you are still young. However, most of the people don’t know why they are getting these white hair at a tender age. They end up seeking all sorts of explanations. To answer the question of why young people get white hair at a younger age, read on.


Several studies have been put forward to investigate the causes of white hair. One report by US News says that premature white hair is largely linked to genetics. The fact is that hair follicles have some pigments that produce melanin to give your hair that black color. If for any case your body stops producing enough melanin, there are chances that your hair will grow as grey, white or silver.


This is another leading cause of white hair. The reality of the matter is that everybody has a stressful moment at one time or the other. However, the extent of growing white hair depends on how good you are at dealing with your stress. Chronic stress can lead to several consequences including sleep problems, anxiety, high blood pressure and change in appetite which impacts directly on the hair. A study that was conducted in 2013 tried to connect stress with the depletion of the stem cells in the hair follicle. The study was conducted on Mice and comes with the ultimate conclusion that if you grow a lot of white hair, there are chances you cannot deal with stress the right way.


There are some of the deceases that can lead to the same issue. In a scenario where the body’s immune system attacks its cells, there are chances that you will grow white hair. In some autoimmune diseases such as Vitiligo and alopecia, the body’s immune system might attack its cells and cause pigment loss.


There is also the likelihood of growing white hair if you have Vitamin B-12 deficiency. Vitamin B-12 plays a vital role in the body especially when it comes to hair health. If your body is not getting enough of this vitamin, you may end up getting a condition known as pernicious anemia which can impact directly on your hair health.


Not many people feel confident with white hair. It caused anxiety, even for young people, which results in some desperate measures such as plucking it.


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