Why Long Hair Is Better?

Medium or long hairs are much better and attractive than short hair. There are plenty of reasons why long hair is better?


There can be lots of good reasons for having long hair. A few but most important are given below:

  • More Styling Options
  • The biggest advantage of having long hair is you can style your hair in multiple ways. Long hair can help you to wear any style of your desire. Having short hair, there will be limited styling options. So, if you have cut your hair short it means your styling options are restricted. Also, keep one thing in mind don’t grow your hair too long because too much long hair can also restrict styling options. 

    Long Hair

  • Help To Hide Some Problems
  • If you have a chubby face, but you have long hairs, your hairs will help to cover your chubby face. When you grow your hair from any side it will help your face to look less chubby so it can help to hide some facial problems. If your forehead is too big your long hair can help you in hiding it. 

    Chubby Face

  • It Provides Better Look
  • You grow or cut your hair for a better look. So you will have an attractive and elegant look if you have long hair. There are lots of benefits of long hair as compared to short hair. 

  • Love partner can have some fun
  • When your lover runs their fingers through your hair it will be a pleasant experience for her. You will also feel good. 

    Good looks

    Benefits of Long Hair

    There are mixed opinions about long hair. For some people, short hairs are better because maintenance is easy. Some people think that long hairs are good because styling options are unlimited. So we will try to find out the benefits of having long hair. 

  • Save on winter wear
  • It is clear by the name that long hairs will help to keep your neck warm in winter seasons. You will not have to buy neck warmers. 

    Winter Hair

  • Lots of opportunities
  • If you have long hair then you will have a world of opportunities. You may have plenty of styling options. A few styling options include long braids, curls, waves, Up-dos, and straight. 

  • Hair Flipping Fun
  • If you have long hair and you are wearing a hair flip it can make you look like a SAAS queen. 

  • Ponytails
  • Can you use ponytails on short hair? I don’t think so. So on long hair, you can use ponytails for a more elegant and attractive look. 


  • You can have fun with your hair
  • It might seem ridiculous, but the fact is you can make fun with your long hair. It has been said that longer hair equals more fun. 

  • Beach Waves
  • If you are living around the beach or go there for the enjoyment you will be dealing with windy sea air. Long hair can save you from cold air. 

    Beach Waves

  • Acts as a security blanket
  • If on any occasion you are feeling insecure just let your hair go down. 

  • Better Everything
  • In short, we can say that if you have long hair everything will look better. Long hairs increase facial beauty, increase attraction, and much more. 

    Short Hair Vs Long Hair

    There are lots of myths about short and long hair. We have tried to compile all those myths. A few myths are given-below:

    Myth 1: Short Hairs Demand More Attention

    True. If you have short hair you will have to pay more attention. Short hairs will lose shape quickly. Quick cuts will be required to keep them fresh and on the point. In the case of long hair, you can trim your hair after 6-8 weeks. 

    Myth 2: Shorter hairs grow quickly than long

    False. When you are cutting your hair too often it will not affect its biological growth rate. The growth rate is associated with individuals and lots of other factors. Factors include generics, diet, and medical conditions. 

    Myth 3: Short strands lack split ends

    False. Length doesn’t matter. Split ends will develop if they are not looked after properly. Like nails, hairs are also made of keratin bonds so regular trimming and much care are needed. 

    Myth 4: Curly Hairs must be Long

    False. Lots of celebrities have worn short hairs. When you get your hairstyle done by the hands of a professional stylist your short hair can also look smashing. 

    Myth 5: With Short Hair extensions are not possible

    False. You can create fringes even on short hair to get a different look. You can ask your hairstylist about the texture and what extension length will be suitable for you. 

    Myth 6: Everyone can have a short cut

    False, before going for a short cut you will have to consider lots of factors such as face shape, age, texture, and thickness of hair. Some facial shapes are suited for short hair. 

    Myth 7: Stylists like to work with short hair

    There is no clear answer to this myth. It depends on the preference of a hairstylist. Most of the stylists are comfortable with short hair because they don’t have to work hard. You can easily try different styles and colors on short hair. You can make more changes and fun with short hair. 

    Myth 8: Short hair cuts are inexpensive

    False, it is not true. Cutting short hairs takes more time than trimming of long hairs. For short hairs, more care and precision is needed. For short hair, the hand must be steady while long hair can easily slip off the scissor. 


    There are lots of reasons and benefits that “Why long hair is better?” Everyone has different opinions about short and long hair. Some are comfortable with short hair because maintenance is easy. Some are satisfied with long hair because there are unlimited styling options and lots of other benefits. Ideally, the hair length should be selected after considering the face shape. So, it can be said that long hairs are better than short and medium hair. 

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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