Why Is My Beard Growing More on One Side?

You or your hairstylist might point out that your bread is growing faster on one side when you go there for a haircut and beard set. 

Why Is My Beard Growing More on One Side?

So what is the reason? There are different opinions about this uneven growth. In this article, we will try to answer with the help of some scientific theories. 

Factors That Affect Hair Growth

Stress, medications, nutrition, and exercise are factors that affect the growth of hair. It might be in your mind that all the nutrients you take are evenly distributed in your body, but it’s not the case.

Uneven Blood Circulation

Blood supply to each nail and follicle is different. There can be an uneven blood supply; that’s why when we measure blood pressure from one arm is different from the other arm’s reading. If the blood supply to one follicle is more than the other, it means it is getting more hormones, glucose, and oxygen. Blood supply also plays a significant role in carrying away carbon dioxide and other wastes. 

When the blood circulation is better, your hair will grow quickly. Some people use medications for different diseases. There is a possibility that hormones and medication might negatively affect hair growth. Better blood circulation will increase hair growth on one side than the other. Up to some extent, the blood circulation system of a person is genetic. So it will be the issue in the family that hair grows quickly on one side than the other. Sometimes behavior can also be the reason behind growth difference. There can be lots of factors that are under your control and affects hair growth, such as:

  • Sleeping Style
  • It depends on which side you favor while sleeping, either you sleep on the backside, or you favor one side or the other. At night the blood vessels are compressed, so that’s why there can be noticeable growth differences. 

  • Styling Your Hair
  • It seems a little thing but contributes majorly to hair growth. If you are styling your hair to one side means you are pulling your hair to that side. Such a side will be more protected than the other. If you are always doing the same, then the hairs on such side will be under more stress than the other. So you may observe uneven hair growth. 

  • You are left-handed or right-handed
  • It depends on how you shave and brush your hair because each hand is used for different purposes. One hand may be used more means it gets more exercise and blood circulation than the other

    1983 Study on Nails and Hair Growth

    In a 1983 study https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1365-2230.1983.tb01756.x, while fingernails grow faster on one side than the other, the same did not happen on scalp hair. Given that, maybe your beard did not grow faster? Could it be that the beard was not shaved evenly in the first place or one side was shaved more recently (read our post on the myth of trimming hair to grow hair faster)?

    Tricks to grow your beard

    Don’t worry about the faster growth on one side or the other. These tips and tricks can help you to grow your beard naturally and enjoy a good look. 

  • Don’t shave your beard too often
  • It doesn’t mean shaving your hair can help your hair to grow quicker and thicker. The best way to grow your beard is to let it grow and stop frequent shaving. 

  • Exercise
  • Exercise can result in losing weight, and both these factors can have a significant effect on the growth of a beard. Intense workouts can enhance blood circulation, which will result in hair growth and also prevent facial hair from declining. 

  • Take a good night sleep
  • To remain healthy, it is necessary to get a good sleep. Good health can result in proper and quicker hair growth. If you are sleeping 5 hours or less, it means your testosterone levels will decrease by up to 15 percent. 

  • Stay away from stress
  • Stress can contract blood vessels, and also it can reduce testosterone levels as well. Stress and anxiety can be significant factors in hair loss, so and also in the beard growth. So try to take minimum stress and stay healthy and enjoy a good and long beard. 

  • Eat Well
  • To grow facial hair, it is mandatory for you to take a balanced and nutritious diet. To grow thicker beard eat diets that are rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. 

  • Take some vitamins
  • To increase hair thickness, you can use supplements such as iron, vitamin B & D, zinc, and copper. Before using any of the supplements, consult your doctor. There are some supplements that are designed specifically for hair growth. 

  • Give Yourself a Break
  • Genetics plays a major role in the growth of beard, but there can be some other factors as well. Beard grows along with your height. It may take some time to grow a heavy beard, but if you are committed, you will get a reward. If you are doing everything right and still facing the issue and your beard is not growing well, then it’s time for some medications. 

    What are the benefits of the beard?

    It doesn’t matter on which side of the face you have a heavier beard. Beard always looks good if it is groomed, styled, and trimmed correctly. So below-given are the benefits of the beard. 

    • Beard is a sign of fertility.
    • It is a sign of maturity. 
    • Beard look enhances wisdom and leadership. 
    • It can make older faces to look younger and the vice versa. 
    • It can enhance your personality. 

    So, don’t worry about the uneven growth. It may be because of genetics or other factors. 


    Blood circulation in humans is asymmetrical, so you’ll find some people with faster growth on the right side, and some may have on the left side. While in some people, there will be no noticeable difference between the sides. According to the scientists, hair grows quickly on the front of the head than the back. You can’t ignore hormone and age, as both of these play a major role in hair growth, texture, and color. A more surprising fact is the natural color of your hair also affects the growth rate like gray hairs grows quicker than the pigmented hair. 

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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