Why air drying hair takes too long

natural hair drying

This is the drying of your hair in the natural way, which means, you let your hair dry naturally without speeding the process with some artificial means that induces heat like using blow dryers among many more.

hair drying with dryer

The air is able to evaporate water from the hair hence making it dry though this method might take some time. However, it is the cheapest method and the safest too. In this process, there will be the use of products to make sure that you are still giving your hair great care it needs

Why does this process take long?

It is obvious that this process will take a longer time than the use of blow driers because of the use of relying on natural air. We listed some factors though that contribute to making the whole process of drying hair go even slower, some of these are natural factors that we may have no control over them though they affect us greatly. However, others are reliant to the type of hair and the products used, some of these factors include;

  • The ability to absorb
  • This is a very big determinant when it comes to how fast or slow the hair can be able to dry, how fast is your hair able to absorb water and mineral salts? This speed is called porosity. Your hair will be either low porosity hair, medium porosity hair or high porosity hair. 

    When your hair is low porosity it means that it has the lowest ability to absorb water and mineral salts. This means that your hair will take the longest time possible to dry. You can spend even hours waiting for your hair to dry. 

    For a high porosity hair it means your hair will be able to absorb water and mineral salts faster hence it will dry really fast and finally for a medium porosity, the ability of your hair to absorb water and mineral salts is just average, this means your hair will take just average time to dry, not too long and not really fast. This means that the lower the porosity, the longer the time taken for your hair to dry.

  • Products used
  • When you decide to dry your hair using the natural way, you will have to use water products which majorly are intended at protecting your hair from damaging or getting hard. These water products are basically moisturizers which will make your hair gain more water. This will slow down our process of drying your hair, this is because we need more water out of our hair but the water products keep moisturizing the hair hence it may take a really long time to achieve complete dryness. That makes it one of the reasons that will cause your hair to dry slowly.

  • Environment
  • An environment can be a determinant of the period your hair takes to dry out. This is due to the humidity. Humidity is basically the amount of water in the atmosphere. This will have a very big effect on the duration taken for your hair to dry. The level of humidity in the air determines the duration used in the drying process. If there is high humidity in the air it means the hair will take a longer time to dry than when there is lower humidity. How this basically works is that for your hair to lose water faster there must be less water in the air for the water that is coming evaporating from your hair to occupy the space, this means that if there is a lot of water in the air already there will be no place to go hence that water will stay in your hair for a longer time than expected. This will work vice versa for the low humidity. On the overall, this means that if the humidity is high your hair will take a much longer time to dry.

    Benefits of air drying your hair

    There are quite a number of advantages that come with the use of natural way of drying your hair, some of these advantages include;

  • Keeps your hair safe
  • There is no risk of damaging your hair when you are using this natural method. You hair will be much safe. This is in comparison with the use of other methods like use of blow driers, they will expose your hair to too much heat every time you use them, and this will gradually damage your hair. The hair will start to come off due to too much exposure to heat.

  • Cheaper method
  • Air drying your hair is cheaper compared to the use of dryers; first, you will need to buy a dryer which is not as cheap as one may think, you can save that money if you resolve to use the natural method. The second thing is that you will use more money on paying the electricity bill due to the regular use of your dryer because the appliance uses a significant amount of electricity.

  • Keeps your hair color
  • When using this natural method of drying your hair, it will be an advantage to you if you have colored your hair; you will not have to worry about your hair coming off every time. this is contrary to the use of dryers, the will fade off your hair color within a very short time so you will have to replace your color more frequently or just do away with it.

  • Saves your time
  • The natural method of drying your hair will help you save your time since you can get involved in other things as you wait for your hair to dry up, this is unlikely for the use of dryers where you will have to dry up your hair first before doing anything else.

    Link:  https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/best-ways-to-air-dry-hair-of-all-types/ 

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