Which Are The Least Damaging At-home Hair Dye Brands?

When we talk about the least damaging hair dyes it means gentle hair colors. Gentle hair dyes may only cause minor or negligible damage to your hair and scalp. Thus these types of dyes are good for coloring purposes. The most difficult job is to find out the gentle hair color. Since almost all the hair dyes contain chemicals that are toxic in nature. Such toxic chemicals can lead to serious damage to hair and skin. 

So, while selecting a hair dye brand for your hair you should be on a safer side. It is better to go for natural and organic hair color brands. You should use a product that is chemical-free and made up of herbal extracts. There are lots of hair dye brands that can help you to cure your existing hair problems such as dandruff, dry scalp, itchy, and irritations, etc. The natural herbs present in hair colors such as the sunflower, basil, amla, and jojoba are helpful in improving the quality of your hair. Such natural hair dye brands will help to maintain gel-like texture and coverage for grey hair. 

The best at-home hair color dye brands

Color processing at any professional can be very costly. Before buying any hair color product make sure that they are safe for your skin. As there can be some issues as well with the hair colors. In permanent hair dyes, there is ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and other chemicals. These can cause some serious reactions. There are some products that have been tested in the laboratory and safe to use. Some most important and least damaging products are given below:

Clairol Natural Instincts

  • Clairol Natural Instincts
  • If you are coloring your hair at home you will be a bit worried about damaging hair strands. This formula does not contain any ammonia. It contains a blend of coconut oil, aloe, and vitamins that will be helpful in the conditioning of hair during the dye job. It will take only 10 minutes to show magic. It will last for 28 washes. This is available in numerous shades especially brown and red is the most used product. It can be the best home dye for you. It will cover your grey, your hair will be shiny, and it is fade-resistant means when it is to be used for covering just a bit of grey. 

  • Clairol Nice n Easy (For Black Hair)
  • When you have black hairs it will be a challenging task to cover the gray. This formula will help you to do the task. It does not have a heavy chemical smell. It contains a fresh and floral fragrance. It was checked in the lab and the results revealed that among all the shades the black showed maximum grey coverage. It will also give you a natural look. After using this, your hair will be softer and shinier than before. 

  • Revlon Color Silk
  • The red color usually tends to fade fast. So you would prefer this formula because it has major staying power. It is a permanent hair dye and will cover your hair from root to top. It has the ingredient of silk protein that will leave your hair strands shiny and soft. 

    Revlon dark brown color has proven to be the perfect dye across the board.  Why it is the best hair dye? It covers all the grey. It retains the shine and more importantly, it will not fade away after four weeks. 

  • Clairol Nice n Easy (For blonde hair)
  • It is the best pick for light hair and good choice for natural blonde hair. This brand has an excellent feature of covering grey as well. It provides resistance against fade and provides a natural shine. 

  • L’OREAL Superior Preference Glam Lights
  • Highlighting your hair on your own is a tricky thing. It is better to visit a salon for highlighting. The process of highlighting is simple and can be done in two steps. First of all, fill the highlighted brush with the formula and the second one is to brushing your hair from root to end. This DIY can add brighter blonde to a highlighted color. 

  • Madison Reed
  • It is the best cruelty-free hair color. It boasts the 6-free formula which means that it does not contain six more controversial ingredients such as ammonia, parabens, phthalates, PPD, gluten, and resorcinol. 

  • dpHue Color Boosting Gloss + Deep Conditioning Treatment 
  • This brand contains deep conditioning that will help to feel your hair amazing. It is a semi-permanent color intensifier and will show effects in as little as three minutes. This brand is the best hair color gloss. 


    What brand you are using it does not matter but what matters the most is the type of color process. Permanent hair dyes and colors will damage the hair follicle when the color will be applied to the hair shaft. On the other hand, semi-permanent hair dye will deposit the color only and will not change the color of the hair shaft. It can last from a couple of weeks to months depending on the rate of shampoo you do. There are some temporary hair colors that only deposit the color and washed out after a few shampoos. 

    Hair dyeing itself does not create any issue for hair. It’s actually the conditioning and bleaching that causes major concerns. People consider it as hair dyeing is a damaging process, but they don’t bother to understand the chemistry. You have different choices like semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent hair dyes. You will have to make the right choice. As far as the least damaging hair dye is concerned, it is better to use semi-permanent hair dyes. As it does not contain any developer or other harmful chemicals so these are the least damaging hair dye brands. There are some choices like cream or gel that will last no longer. It will provide you a new look and will be removed after the first wash. These are also safe choices for dyeing hair at home.

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