What Color Does Purple Hair Dye Fade To?

For some people, crazy hair colors are their fashion allure.

Red, Blue, Crystal, Green, Purple, Fuchsia. 

What Color Does Purple Hair Dye Fade To?


There's a titillating feel that comes from getting your hair dyed in your desired hue. You can rock all those exciting hairstyles that you imagined.

But when something goes wrong with the dyeing process you may need to be extra to see the good in the unexpected outcome.

Watching your favorite artists flaunt amazing hues of hair can make your dream of having your hair in a mermaid-like display. A visit to Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr shows you an array of glamorous locks with fascinating colors that convinces you that your hair-adventure will be rewarding.

Go ahead and explore your imaginations. But whatever you do, don't believe anyone who tells you that this journey will be a walk in the park. 

The nature of color allows one to conveniently dye a lighter medium more than a dark medium. So you can easily experiment with interesting shades of color if you're blonde. With dark hair, you'll need to put in a generous dose of bleach before you can dye your hair in your desired color.

So if you're considering dyeing your hair with Purple, then here are some heads up on what faded colors to expect.

Why will your hair dye fade? 

It's a dye, it's not meant to be there forever. 

Your ballsy hair color will keep its original glow for, maybe, four or five days. Or if you're lucky, it'll stay a little longer than a week then it begins to dull. Using color-safe products won't make much difference. 

Your purple dye will fade because you wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner.

Most bright colors are semi-permanent which means that they do not penetrate deeply into the hair shaft. It'll take about 4–5 washes and the dye is significantly or completely faded.

You should consider using dry shampoo instead. Dry shampoo will also keep your color lively, make your hair smooth and shiny and prevent it from getting greasy.

Your hair color will fade faster if you use your regular shampoo

Let your regular shampoo rest now. 

There are shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for bright dyed hair. Get some products that contain purple molecules. They'll keep the color pigments lively.

Your hair color will fade faster if you expose your hair to beach water 

So stay away from the beach. Yeah, summer says 'come indulge a bit' but chlorine, saltwater, and the sun will strip your purple hair.

Your hair color will fade faster if you use warm water on your hair

Now you have to get brave with cold water. Coldwater will help to close your hair cuticles which will trap in the pigments of the dye.

The goosebumps are worth it if you want to preserve your hair color.

What determines the color will your purple dye fade to?

So many things determine the color your hair will fade into. 

  • The brand of dye you used on your hair
  • The purple undertones and the shade of your hair before dyeing
  • The amount of purple color you put on your hair
  • The pattern you've applied on your hair will determine how evenly your fade looks
  • The degree to which your hair was damaged before putting on your purple dye 

Darker purple, with stronger blue-based undertones, will fade to a light greyish purple on very light-colored hair. Red based undertones on very light hair will fade to more pinky purple.

If you put the purple dye on your dark hair there won't be much difference as the purple dwindles. Your hair will most likely revert close to its previous color.

What colors will your purple dye fade into?  

Now you know why your purple dye will fade and the factors that affect the fading. 

You're curious to know just what colors to expect. Below you have a list of colors to expect, but there's even more.

You can plan how you want your purple to fade, and what color you want to flaunt.


Beguiled with gray and silver.

It's quite common among stylists to mix gray and silver shades when making a shade of violet, lilac, or plum. As the color fades you'll find yourself with an enchanting purple hair that has lighter roots and is dark purple at the tips.


Unusual. Lavender also comes with a silver undertone. Having a dash of gray or silver thrown into your purple dye prepares your hair for an alluring fade.

Your hair displays a metallic cast that preserves your roots a little longer behind the scenes. It also ensures you don't show a bleach yellow tone as your purple leaches.

Roots still Dark.

Plan for darker roots. Arrange with your stylist to double dip your dye or, better still, use a purple shade that's darker for your hair roots. This will keep your roots darker than your hair tips as your hair color begins to leach.

Hair went Gray.

It's hair ethical to bleach your hair light before you can get some crazy color into it. This opens up your hair follicles thereby allowing the dye to soak in.

How this plays out: your hair comes up with a shade of faded purple that turns gray or silver as the color leaches.


Bright, lively Fuschia shade will display your hair with a dark rose or blue undertone when it fades.

Green Green.

If you have a big heart for hair adventure, then dye your yellow hair with purple and throw caution to the wind. Your color will fade quickly, with your hair slowly turning a green shade.


A random group of people has revealed the colors their purple-dyed hair faded too. Here's a list for your consumption.

  • Purple-blue Ombre
  • Ashy silver
  • Purple-pink
  • Blue-purple Lavender

Final Tips

It's always best to wait a few weeks between each one if you need to bleach your hair severally. This is a way to control breakages and other bleach-related damages to your hair.

Dyeing your hair may not be as easy as you envisaged. Be patient with your journey.

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