Wedding Hairstyles For Older Brides

According to some people, we must have shorter hair as we age. It is not true by any means. You can maintain your hair and makes sure that hair still looks best. There are still plenty of ways that older brides can style their long and short hair for weddings. A simple trick for finding a perfect hairstyle is to find out how your hairs have been changed over the past few years. You can moisturize your hairs that are drying out, you can cut your hair to maintain a fresh look, and you can add volume to your thin hair. 

Wedding Hairstyles For Older Brides

Some wedding hairstyles for older brides

Some wedding hairstyles for aged brides are given below. 

  • A curled bun
  • This style is perfect for those brides who have long hairs that become unruly. You can simply pull your hair back to a bun with some curls this will maintain the look throughout the day. You can easily play with buns to make them higher or lower. Make sure that if you have a fringe then keeps the direction of a bun on the same side it will help you to just focus on a feature side. 

  • Focus on bangs
  • Fringes and bangs will bring back the youth if you are already styling this way then you are already one step ahead. It does not matter whether you have short or long hairs just keep layers in your hair so that you can easily play around with texture and volume. One thing to make sure that your hairs don’t become dull or limp. It is a perfect hairstyle for older brides. 

  • A sleek updo
  • If your hairs become finer and taking curls is no more an easy job then go for a sleek updo it will make your hair look less sparse and voluminous. It is a perfect option for those females who don’t have bangs. For such hairs, you can try out a chignon-style bun. If your hairs are fine then for an extra glam look you can pair your hair with a bouffant. It is a perfect hairstyle and you can keep it for a long time without too much hassle. 

  • Variations on the Pixie Cut
  • For those females who have short hair can work into your pixie cut. If your hairs are short, it does not mean that you can’t do anything with them. You can give some more volume at the top and also you can try out fringe striking with the pixie cut. You can also try Kris Jenner Style, a more sleek option, and swept aside look. All these little steps can give you an awesome look. 

  • You can tease hair off your face
  • Curly and wavy look of your hair will flatter the shape of your beautiful face. Instead of just focusing on the bangs and fringes go for teases and tousle them back over the forehead it can help you to style for a curly or updo bob. It will not only provide you a stunning look but you will look different and unique. So this can be the perfect choice for older brides. 

  • Loose waves or curls
  • If you have limp hair on your special occasion then there can be nothing worse than that. If your hairs are naturally wavy, then there is no point to use this to your advantage. You can get a glamorous look. Tame the frizz and flick your hair and you will look like those older stars that walk down the red carpet. 

  • The simple half updo
  • if you think styling your hair does not do nicely for you then try out a simple updo. For an extra volume again you will need a bouffant and you can easily sweep some of your unruly hair edges to a gorgeous clip at the backside of your head. If you are wearing a V-shaped neckline dress or you have a lower neckline, then this style is an ideal one for you. It is an awesome hairstyle for older brides. 

  • A classic bob
  • There is nothing like a sleek bob to make you like a queen. It mostly depends on your hairstyle you can either choose flick under or flicking outlook as well. Bobs are classic and versatile. With little hair bling, these bobs can provide you a perfect look. If you are interested in adding some special headpiece then you should try out pining some of your hair off from your face. 

  • A coifed or shaggy bob
  • You can get this look by little effort. If you are used to having simple hairstyles in your everyday life, then shaggy, coifed, and a messy bob will give your hair volume and you can have some fun with your hairstyle. Focus on the texture of hair above your shoulder and you can easily curl your hair to keep the hair off your face.  If you have a high neckline then this is a perfect style for you. This hairstyle can give an old bride an amazing and different look. 


    During weddings, all eyes are on the groom and bride. So it is much needed for both of them to dress and styled up nice and different so that they can catch the attention of people. There are lots of hairstyles for older brides. Hairstyle depends on whether you have long or short hair. The hairstyles will be different for curly and fine hair. 

    If you are grown old then don’t worry you can still dress and make up well. Above-given are the hairstyles that can give you a stunning and unique look. These classic hairstyles will make you happy and different from others. You can choose either of these hairstyles or let your stylist select the best one for you. A stylist will know better which hairstyle will be best for your hair and face. So you can choose any of the above-given hairstyles if you are an older bride. 

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