Washing Hair After Exercise Bad

Is it safe to wash my hair daily like this? If your hair sweat is not that smelly, you can even just rinse without using a shampoo. The hair sweat is actually good for your hair (if not smelly) as it contains salts and acts as a salt spray on your scalp. It is NOT recommended to wash your hair daily after exercising, instead, try the below tips and tricks to avoid shampooing daily and bringing more health to your scalp in the long run. 

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Whether you started exercising on daily basis, a week before or exercising already at the full swing from years, the hair look that comes out after you are done with the exercise is a hot topic in your head daily. Isn’t it? Well, if you work out at your home or you went to the gym, returning will always bring that sweaty look along that you want to get rid of as soon as possible. 

With daily exercise followed by hair washing, soon the question arises; We are here to answer this question in a way, you won’t find anywhere else. Read till the end to find out are you doing right or wrong.


How often your hair needs to be washed depends exclusively on your hair type. If you have oily scalp that starts sweating as soon as you initiate with the warm-up session, definitely at the end you cannot avoid washing off that build-up (but continue reading if you want to avoid washing this hair type daily). On the other hand, if you have a dry scalp that does not sweat crazily and is thick enough to distribute that oily smooth and slow then you can skip hair washing every day after exercising. 

Keeping it simple, if your hair is thin and fine, you may force yourself to wash it daily. If this is the case, make sure you avoid using shampoos that are packed with harmful chemicals. It is recommended to use a mild shampoo or an organic one that lacks the sulfates and parabens. This may save you from long term damage that will be coming along with the daily hair washing routine.


You definitely are unaware of the fact; every scalp has a different level of producing sweat. It can be mild, medium, or strong one according to which you can set your hair wash routine. Below are the sweat levels and frequency of washing that you can relate and follow according to your sweat level:

  • LOW-LEVEL SWEATING SCALP: In this type of scalp, during the exercise, you won’t experience any sweat drops that will cover your hairline making it wet. If this is your case, you can skip the hair wash daily and feel lucky to do so. It is suggested to tie your hair in a braid or loose bun in order to keep it away your face and your hairline is visible enough to examine your sweat level.

  • MEDIUM LEVEL SWEATING SCALP: Focus on your hairline again. Does it get wet to some minor extent? Do you feel that wetness a bit? If this is the case, your sweat levels are medium and can be controlled depending upon the hairstyle you make for the workout. You can control this level by tying up a ponytail or a side braid or even a bun. 

  • HIGH-LEVEL SWEATING SCALP: This type of scalp definitely turns out wet and wild after you are done with exercising. If your scalp is of this type, try using a hairband or a wrap during work out. Keep it on your head unless the hair is completely dry. Doing so will greatly control your sweat level and aid you in skipping the daily hair wash. 


     Apart from the above general sweat levels, if your hair type is a different one, still it is recommended to avoid daily hair wash as much as possible. You can try out some other working tricks that will help you in skipping the hair wash step while enjoying the non-greasy smelly hair. Excited to know? Have a look below: 


    Try using a dry shampoo that is organic and will not ask for intensive rub on your scalp. This will save your time and energy both while providing another day with nearly fresh hair. You can use dry shampoo before you start exercising. This will absorb that extra sweat to some great level.


    This is more than an important step for a healthy hair routine apart from a daily hair wash. Sticking to the topic, if you want to skip the hair wash after the gym and still look beautiful, use the right tool on your head. Your brush needs to be the nylon one. This will detangle your hair in the gentlest way without damaging and pulling.

    Add a little perfume to your brush for an extra fancy feeling!


    A pony shouldn’t be your first and last option for a workout. It is highly suggested to tie your hair as loose as you can. A loose bun or braid will work just fine to let your hair breath during and after the workout. 

    Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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