Vitamin C Hair Color Remover

Vitamin C Hair Color Remover

It is crucial to remove hair color from your hair without further damage. For doing this we have limited options. Vitamin C offers lots of benefits to human health. The thing you never know about vitamin C is its ability to remove hair color. It will remove color naturally and safely without any further damage. 

10 steps that can help you to remove or lighten your hair color with vitamin C

These steps will help you to remove the hair color using vitamin C. Steps are given below:

Step 1

  • Crushing of vitamin C tablets
  • White vitamin C tablets can bring out the best results. You can buy vitamin C tablets from your nearby health store or you can order online. It is better to buy white instead of red or orange tablets. The white color of the tablets will make sure that color does not bleed into your hair while using it. 

    Step 2

  • Take a resealable plastic bag and put 10 to 30 tablets in it
  • For longer hairs, you might have to use 20 to 30 tablets. For short hairs, 10 to 15 tablets would be more than enough. After putting the tablets make sure that the bag is sealed tightly. 

    Step 3

  • Take a rolling pin and crush the tablets
  • After properly sealing the bag place it on a table or any flat surface. Use a rolling pin to crush the tablets. Keep doing this until the tablets are completely converted to a fine powder. You can also use a grinder to do the job. It will do rather nicely and quickly. 

    Step 4

  • Create a mixture
  • Take a bowl and mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of shampoo and the crushed tablets in it. Make sure that shampoo does not contain any hair dye. For long hair, you might have to use more quantity of shampoo and crushed tablets. Start mixing with a spoon and keep doing that until a glue-like thick mixture is formed. 

    Step 5

  • Once your hairs are wet apply the paste on your hair
  • Take a spray bottle and using it make your hair damp, but it is not necessary to completely wet them. Wash your hands and apply the paste into your hair from root to tip. Make sure that the entire head is covered properly with the paste. For long hairs, you might do this in different sections to make sure that hairs are fully covered. Make 4 to 8 sections of your hair this will help you to evenly distribute the paste. Now, coat your hair properly so that all the hairs are covered. 

    Step 6

  • Let the paste sit for at least 2 hours
  • Put a shower cap on our hair and allow the mixture to sit in for at least two hours. By doing this you are allowing enough time to the mixture so that it can be easily absorbed in your hair. For speeding up the process you can use a blow dryer for heating purposes. 

    Step 7

    Rinse your hair properly

    Use a shower or sink to rinse the paste completely. Wash your hair for at least 5 minutes so that paste can be fully removed. This will help vitamin to remove your hair color completely. 

    Step 8

  • Use a moisturizing conditioner
  • After applying the paste there is a possibility that your hair might become frizzy and dry. After rinsing the paste properly apply a moisturizing conditioner this will help your hair to get some moisture back. You can also use that once you have dyed your hair. 

    Step 9

  • Dry your hair completely
  • Use a blow dryer to dry your hair completely. It will enable you to access how much paste has helped to remove the color from your hair. If you want your hair to air dry then leave your hair overnight or several hours. Using a blow dryer makes sure that you are using a protecting product this will avoid hair from heat damage. 

    Step 10 

    Repeat this process if you want to completely remove the hair color

    If you feel that paste has not removed the color completely and you did not achieve the desired results you can repeat the process 3 to 4 times. Make sure that you are not leaving the paste on your skin for more than two hours otherwise, it will cause skin irritation. Use a moisturizing conditioner every time. 

    Is Vitamin C safe for hair color removal?

    Vitamin C is acidic, which makes it a perfect choice for colored hair. Most of the hair dyes you use contain chemicals that are alkaline, so it will help to neutralize the pH of your hair. Most of the people are also using apple cider vinegar as it is handy in closing the cuticles. 

    That’s why most of the products contain acidic chemicals. Make sure that you use a hair conditioner every time you use such products. It is a safe method and it will not cause any serious damage. It has been reported by many people that it will lighten 2 shades of color every time you use vitamin C products. 


    Whenever you visit a hairstylist or professional salon they will suggest that bleaching is the only way to remove the color from your hair. The fact is, bleaching will cause a significant amount of damage to your hair. Some other natural ways can help you to get rid of permanent, semi-permanent, and even henna color from your hair without or with a little bit of damage. 

    Vitamin C is also among those natural ways. According to experts ascorbic acid that is a major ingredient of vitamin C will break the chemical bond by interacting with hair molecules and this will help to remove the color from your hair. The citric nature of vitamin C will help to break down the dye so that it can be easily removed by washing. So without any doubt, vitamin C is the way to remove hair color safely.

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