Using Hair Dryer Daily

How to use hair dryer daily

Make sure to purchase a blow dryer either with a cold setting or a cold button to keep hair from overheating. If you have more time, skip the blow dryer and use either a hood or bonnet hairdryer. Roll hair with appropriate hair rollers, pin curls and/or rag rollers. Dry hair by sitting under a hood or bonnet dryer set to medium heat. 

Avoid drying hair on the hottest setting. On days you absolutely can heat drying or styling, give your hair a break. Be sure to deep condition or oil hair appropriately to minimize heat damage. Keep hair trimmed to remove split ends or other heat damage which may accumulate on the hair. When in doubt, discuss your options for protecting your hair from heat damage with your professional hair consultant. To avoid damaging hair unnecessarily, minimize the treatments such as hair color, relaxing, straightening or similar methods.

History of Hair Dryer 

Life has changed a lot. People are now in busy schedules running out of time. Having no time to think off. In this busy scheduled world, we have no time to take care of even our health. The old age people were more health-conscious and they take care of every aspect of the body.

historical hair dryer

Nowadays we are in a hurry mood having to think of how we are looking for the outside world. It doesn't matter how horrible our body is inside.

Now we are going to have a look at one such burning daily issue. Yes, you are right. Right from the morning when you wake up from the sleep. Finish it off your morning duties quickly, do some exercises, have breakfast and some soft drinks for your health. Is this how your life goes daily? Well, that's a big question mark. Ha Ha Ha!!. Just kidding guys.

Think in this way you wake in the morning and found that your wall clock is not working and that too the time is almost 7.30 am. You don't have an idea when it stopped working. Here comes the role of all the technology that man has invented in this world.

Yes right from our toothbrush to the car to reach the office each is doing its work in their way, isn't it? You will not have enough time to brush, to drink some coffee, not even the human excretion gets out properly. You don't even have the time to bath, then if so you bath after your shower you may feel you need someone who can clean or dry your hair fairly enough.

There it comes our hero the hairdryer. As the name itself suggests the fact that it is a machine used to properly dry your hair a bit quicker than the usual way since it is a machine. We can do our work without intervention by using the dryer in one hand. It drains out the excess water from the hair and our other works also finished and then we started to the office and reached the correct time, right? K shall see how to use those dryers efficiently and usefully.

How to properly use the dryer

If you like to use the hairdryer on a day-today basis here are some key notes just have a look at it. Kindly ensure that you have showered in gentle lukewarm water. Apply a proper moisturizing solution such that it cleans the hair and moistures properly. Cleanse well then apply the proper conditioner to your hair with enough amount of water to clean every hair and your head properly. Gently squeeze the water out of hair and then cleanse once again properly. Use a cotton towel material or a micro-fabricated towel to squeeze out all the excess moisture gently. So that the damage to the wet hair is bifurcated. Continue blotting of hair repeatedly until the wet hair changes to somewhat warm.

Note: Do not use a rough towel or a towel with loops that may ruffle strands and damage wet hair. Apply a leave-in styling cocktail which may include, but not be limited to, a leave-in conditioner, mousse or similar. Finish with a heat protection product applied liberally to protect strands. Blow-dry hair on the lowest and coolest setting possible in combination with a 100% boar bristle paddle, round or similar style brush. If you use a heat concentrator attachment on the blow dryer be sure to avoid over-drying any one section of the hair. This will minimize the risk of overheating strands.

How you should not use a hairdryer

A hairdryer is meant to use only for a short period. Using hairdryer while drinking coffee. Using it while reading the newspaper and using it at times of cool climate in the winter for making body and all is a wrong way of using the dryer.


Excess of anything is not good for your health is a famous proverb. This comes true while using the hairdryer. A hairdryer is meant to use only if necessary and there is no time. That too for a limited time. Since excess exposure to the hair causes the hair to lose its originality and skin to get treated with excess heat makes sunburns, itching, or even rashes over the body parts. Hence prolonged usage of the hairdryer has to be stopped and extra care should be taken while using the hairdryer. Since it is a machine that does what the human is asking to do. It is in our hands to use the hairdryer wisely and precisely. Thank you all.

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