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Ria Chia
A geek and education enthusiast living in Singapore. I write about personal development, health and mostly anything that comes along.

Moisturize Vs Hydrate Hair

Are You on #TeamMoisturise or #TeamHydrate?  Here’s Why You Should be on Both. Hydrating and moisturizing comes hand in hand; a hydrating product replenishes the water in your hair and a moisturizer forms a barrier to lock the moisture in. Therefore, to cultivate a healthy set of hair, you cannot have one without the other.  Differences between Moisturize and Hydrate for Hair Step into any beauty store and you will find yourself greeted by a treasure trove of skincare products ready to whisk you away to your dream complexion.  Often times, you will find one skincare gem that promises a boost of hydration while another offers a moisturizing treat for your skin. What are these terms and is there a...

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How To Protect Hair When Swimming

Find out how to fight and prevent the frizz for healthy tresses even after a trip to the chlorinated pool. Beautiful, shiny, and smooth hair — we all try to achieve this golden standard through the foods we eat, beauty routines we adopt, and sports we play.  Dips in the pool introduce chlorine to our hair that strips it of its natural oils, leaving our tresses looking dull and weak.  Run your fingers through your hair and it feels tight and dry to the touch; does this sound familiar?  We all know that uncomfortable sensation. But don’t sweat it just yet; we found some tips to familiarise you with the ins and outs of hair care before, during, and after your...

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What To Avoid In Your Hair Care Routine

A healthy and good set of hair is not merely a combination of ideal DNA—good habits and a working knowledge of what works for your own set of hair plays an incredibly vital role.  While there are a varied number of hair types and treatments to pore through, some universal tips remain true to this day, including the golden rules of what to avoid.  Here’s what you should stay at arm’s length from when it comes to cultivating your hair care routine: TIP #1: AVOID HARSH CHEMICALS If you’re at home now, stand up, head to your restroom and grab your shampoo or hair conditioner—how many ingredients are you familiar with? How many do you know are considered to be...

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