Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly Review (Updated Jan 2023)

This article is my personal opinion over the Sugarlolo konjac jelly review. Over the years I have personally studied over a lot of varieties of the manufacturers of such low-calories diet jellies that are basically used for weight loss purposes and also for those who are suffering from diabetes. 

Quick Takeaway of Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly Review

  • What is Good about Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly Snack
    • Low Calories of 4kCal (to note kilo Cal in food is the same as Calories which you exercise)
    • Uses naturally-occurring fruit sugar instead of High GI alternative like Maltitol (High GI is bad for diabetes as your blood sugar still spike)
    • Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly is Vegan
    • What is Bad about Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly Snack
      • Manufactured in Korean and packaging in Korea (hard to decipher what it is as I’m not Korean trained)
      • Tasted really sweet (great if you loved sweet food)
      • The texture is more watery than expected rather than usual konjac jelly

        Sugarlolo Konjac Jelly

        What I have actually stumbled across in such a time is that a jelly snack that is made mostly out of the powder of konjac that is being produced by the manufacturing company named Sugarlolo recently brought into Singapore by a company, Intake. 

        What actually was able to catch my attention towards this product was that on the right-hand corner of the actual packaging of the product was stated that 4 kilocalories and zero sugar written on it. 

        As soon as this very specific factor was able to have my attention court towards it I immediately decided and also went to pick it up and read the labor for getting more detail about the product and the total process through which it was able to contain much less amount of sugar. Just for a fact to be known by you this is basically a Korean product and as I know for a fact that Korea is well about the proper thinking and the technological development behind the nutrition and consumer products for women’s and dieting so I automatically decided to pick it up and also to use it without any type of vegetation as I had one of the best ideas about Korea in regarding of the factors of the dieting procedure of their women.

        The experience

        Actually what makes this product so light of snacks that it is in such a low amount of calories and that is that it uses erythritol. Add this is such type of sugar alcohol-based compound which is basically a type of East that gets fermented over the period of time with glucose from the corn or wheat starch along with it also containing much fuel levels of calories included that are in comparison to really higher level of sugar while maintaining its sweetness. The actual ingredients that are inside this compound are basically natural and under no circumstances are considered as any type of harmful as it is being used with a mixture of natural thickness and jelly and also concentrated food extract to perform the proper execution of the production of this total product. 

        The only thing that actually people may more likely to think about being questionable is the carrageenan that is actually used as one of the basic parts of the thickening agents but however it is still a fact that a natural ingredient and only it is questionable of regarding the specific fact that it can give indigestion issues towards a consumer when it is being consumed in larger amount of intakes according to the proper research done on the actual product itself. 

        I don’t actually believe that it could provide as with any kind of digestion issues as there will be not so much to be consumed as a uncontrolled level of intake and also along with the fact that is to be considered that it would be the best to see actually how sensitive you are towards the consumption of this product and also towards this particular ingredient but however carrageenan is used in many products that we consume almost regularly and thus it is more likely to be helpful towards your situation for health conditions and less likely to be any type of hostile behavior. 

        The overall sugarlolo konjac jelly review

        Sugarlolo konjac jelly review is actually all about the experience that is being currently shared by me as I'm already existing consumer and user of this product. In the recent time ever since I have found about this product as a lightweight and also directly I have been taking this thing with me as a snack whenever I need some sweetness in my life and also whenever I have the mood to consume this product and also I did this week without any type of addition towards any kind of unnecessary calories into my regular dairy plants and also it is more likely that you are going to be left surprised by the actual test and also the picture as it does actually taste better than what you would expect from a low calorie or diet food. And also what is more to add into the section is that more than anything I like how the ingredients are actually from a natural source and don’t have any type of unnecessary for additives or any preservatives to add towards the actual manufacturing and marketing process for an event to attract more and more customers with colors.


        There are many types of flavors that are available for this product because they are actually produced from real and natural fruit extract and also depending on the factor that on the flower that you are choosing for this product will have the calories different from one another, for example, watermelon flavor contains 4 kilocalories and Apple flavor contains 5 kilocalories and also to add that lemon contains 7 kilocalories and so on but however I don’t actually think one to three calories will make a lot of difference into the total intake of your regular diet plan. There are a lot of flavors available and they are

        • Lemon
        • Watermelon
        • Apple
        • Peach
        • Green grape
        • Mango
        • Yogurt
        • Lychee
        • Pomegranate
        • Pineapple

        So if you have any type of questions regarding this product as this is actually helpful or not or even if it is quite good or not the answer is quite positive towards your cause. It is already said before that this product is almost totally natural and also produce from the real fruit extracts this can be quite healthy as terms of a low-calorie intake plan.

        Efforts have been made to get the information as accurate and updated as possible. If you found any incorrect information with credible source, please send it via the contact us form
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