Split Ends Even After Haircut

Visiting the hairdresser would be the best option to get rid of these unwanted split ends. 

But what if you’re still facing them even after making the trip to the hair salon to supposedly bid farewell to them?

Regardless of our hair condition, everybody gets split ends and nobody ever wants them. Exposure to extreme weather conditions, daily heat styling, and chemical hair products are some of the most common reasons why split ends are unavoidable.

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Try Cutting Using Hot Scissors 

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It might be the first time that you’re hearing something like this (it is mine)  Arsen Gurgov, professional hairstylist and founder of Arsen Gurgov Salon, revealed that having your hair cut with hot scissors might actually help to get rid of split ends permanently. 

He further explained that hot scissors help to seal the end of the hair shaft, which reduces damage and allows the hair to better retain moisture (source: byrdie.com). 

Avoid Hot Showers 

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I know the thought of having hot showers sounds comforting to some of us especially after we’re back home from work or school. 

But Arsen Gurgov mentioned that washing your hair with hot water could cause much more damage to it than you think. When exposed to high temperatures, your hair cuticles swell, thereby making them more susceptible to splitting (source: byrdie.com).

He recommended using cold water to rinse your hair in order to close the cuticles, which would seal the outer layer of your hair and also add some shine to your locks (source: stylecaster.com).

Stop Wearing Your Hair Up Everyday

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If you are tying your hair in the same ponytail or high bun every single day, you might want to consider switching up to another hairstyle. 

Mackenzie Day, stylist and owner of The Artist Haus, stated that wearing your hair up in the same position all the time could cause unnecessary stress to that area. Over time, that pressure can cause hair breakage and encourage split ends (source: thehealthy.com).

You should consider using snag-free hair ties or scrunchies to tie up your hair and changing up the position of your daily hairstyle  so that the same position would not always be under pressure  in order to reduce the possibility of facing split ends. 

Avoid Over-Washing Your Hair

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I’m sure many of us wash our hair every day because of that refreshing, squeaky-clean feeling that we get after shampooing our locks. However, many hair experts beg to differ because they believe daily shampooing can lead to damaged hair.  

Matt Fugate, Kerastase's celebrity hairstylist, talked about how the hair benefits greatly from its natural oils. Hence, if the hair is washed too often, it could upset the natural balance of healthy oils that are responsible for keeping the hair moisturized (source: today.com). Stripping the hair of such essential oils will therefore result in dry and brittle hair, which results in you having to deal with split ends. 


Unless really necessary, avoid shampooing your hair daily in order to keep your locks healthy and hydrated. Instead, you should consider using dry shampoo to get rid of the oil build-up on your scalp before your next hair wash. 

Do Not Skip Your Regular Trims 

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If you trim your hair regularly, you’ll be able to catch the split ends before they continue to break and snap further up your hair shaft. Sam Burnett, owner and creative director of Hare & Bone, recommended getting the hair trimmed at the salon every 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the color and condition of the hair (source: elle.com).

Change The Way You Towel Dry Your Hair 

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While roughly towel-drying your hair does not directly cause split ends, it will create knots and promote more breakage. Sam reiterated this point by stating that split ends would potentially travel upwards unless you change the way you towel dry your hair (source: elle.com). 

Sam also said that anywhere from 60% - 90% dry is sufficient and ideal as the longer you leave your hair exposed to heat, the more damage is likely to occur.

Instead of rubbing your hair dry with the towel, wrap it around your hair after the shower or use it to gently squeeze the excess water out of your hair (source: thehealthy.com). Do use a microfiber towel to cause less damage too.

Do Not Start Brushing From The Top Of Your Head


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I think most of us have this habit of brushing our hair from the roots downwards. But doing that actually makes the knots in our hair worse because we’ll be forcing the tangles to compact together to the bottom of our healthy hair (source: thehealthy.com). 

In order to prevent further breakage and split ends, Lorean Cairns, founder of the International Salon Group suggested brushing the ends of your hair, then working your way up to the midshaft before combing through the roots. 

Take Precautions When Brushing Your Wet Hair

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Did you know that your hair is much more flexible and prone to damage when it is wet? Lorean Cairns stated that wet hair becomes bendy and stretchy because its elasticity has changed, making it way easier for your hair strands to snap. 

She recommended using a wide-tooth comb in the shower before rinsing out your hair conditioner in order to keep knots in the hair at bay while avoiding split ends from potentially appearing. Therefore, be careful when you detangle your hair.


Even if you purchase some of the best-selling hair care products and take extra care of your hair, all these measures might still not be enough to prevent split ends from showing up. When they do appear, most of us turn to hair experts at the salons to get rid of these unwanted split ends by having them snipped off completely.

However, there are instances where we might experience bad haircuts that result in us still having to face split ends despite paying to have them cut off. Even in situations like this, you can try incorporating the above tips and tricks into your daily hair care routine in order to curb split ends and prevent them from climbing further up your hair shaft. 

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