Should Wavy Hair Have Layers

Should wavy hairs have layers in them? Layering removes the extra bulk in your hair and enhances hair volume and movement. It also adds a more rounded shape if the layers are added near the perimeter of your hair. It may also complement your face type if the layers are strategically placed. However, there is additional maintenance and cost attached to adding layers to your hair. It is also significantly challenging to grow your hair out as each section will grow out at a different rate. 

Hairstylist Paves, a Jessica Simpson's stylist working, said that wavy hair looks better if it has more layers towards the ends of the hair strands, instead of the layers being put on the crown of the hair. Your hair is more likely to have a rounded edge and shaped look if it is layered outside the perimeter, at the bottom. 

Source: The Right HairStyles


Hair designer style layers in the way that each consecutive layer is shorter than the one after it. Naturally, the top layer is the shortest layer among multiple layers.  A lot of hairstylists tell you that your hair may look good in layers because it gives natural hair a different shape and more movement.

Now that we know what layering does to wavy hair specifically, we should explore the pros and cons of having layers in naturally wavy hair. 

Layering Adds Volume and Movement:

Since layers remove bulk from your hair, layered hair creates a look of increased movement and volume. 

Layers add several movements to your hair by removing the weight with minimal styling. Therefore, if you are looking for a hairstyle without reducing the length of your hair, going for a layered look in your wavy hair may perhaps be the best decision. 

Layering is also added to take away or balance the weight that is present in the hair. The weight or as some call it, the bulk, refers to the fullness of the hair as it grows. An example is a person with curly hair who grows it out to their shoulder-length will have their hair look similar to a pyramid shape. 

Wavy hair leans towards forming a loose-S shape, with characteristics that are common with straight hair or curly hair. 

  • If your hair is closer to straight hair, then it most likely has a smooth wave and it may lack volume. 
  • If your hair is closer to the curly side, then you may have frizzy hair and dry hair. 

It is said that since wavy hair has a tendency to look it has more volume naturally (depending on whether it is closer to straight hair or curly, frizzy hair texture), and thus adding layers to it will only enhance the volume of hair. In addition to this, it is said that stylists can add a lot more layers in wavy hair compared to the other hair types. 

If you want to straighten or curl your wavy hair, you can do so after the layered haircut too. Additionally, the layers will give you the texture and style you want.  

Layering Significantly Shorten Drying Time:

Another pro to adding layers in your wavy hair is that if it is bulky, the time taken for drying your hair will be significantly shorter. This occurs since adding layers will remove the extra weight.

Layering That Complementing Your Face Type:

Furthermore, layering can also complement your face type. Depending on your face type, you can benefit from layering your naturally wavy hair as it may also complement your face type if the layers are strategically placed. 

Layering Frames Your Face:

Adding to the previous advantages, layering wavy hair can frame your face. Since layering is not an ‘all or nothing’ style – you do not have to add layers throughout your hair – a few layers here and there can give your face a flattering look. 

Layering Adds More Cost and Maintenance:

Nonetheless, as with everything, layering wavy hair also has its consequences. One of the major disadvantages of layering wavy is maintenance. Layering is a lot more complex than it looks, therefore has more maintenance attached to it. Therefore, there is also more cost attached to it. 

This includes spending a significant amount of time straightening and curling the layers if you want and also, going to the salon a lot more for 6-week trims. 

Layering Adds Challenges To Growing Hair Evenly:

Furthermore, if you are planning to grow your hair out, perhaps layering your wavy hair is not the best idea. It is challenging to grow your hair out if you have layers. Since the idea of the layering is that it will have different lengths throughout your hair, your hair will be growing out at different speeds. 

They will also be uneven. This will also lead to trimming out certain sections of your hair to even them out, which might feel extremely tiring and frustrating to do. 

Not Many Hairstyles To Experiment With:

With layered hair, one of the major problems is that unfortunately, there are limited hairstyles available. This usually depends on the length of your wavy hair, but if you get a layering, you might possibly need to find more hairstyles to suit your hair. Braids are not going to be smooth. If you are looking towards ponytails or buns, you potentially need bobby pins and hairspray. 

Challenging to make an updo:

This leads to my next disadvantage, which is if the layered hair is cut too short, making a ponytail or any other updo might be significantly challenging. It may require a relatively high amount of skill to make a ponytail or bun. 

Personal Take on Layers on Wavy Hair

Personally, I would not opt to go for layering because although my hair type is wavy, it tends to get frizzy. Additionally, I also want to grow my hair out more, thus I do not think layering would be the best option for me. 

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