Selsun Blue Review

Selsun blue is one of the most selling dandruff shampoos in the USA. And the brand is not too popular in the UK. This shampoo is special because of the active ingredient like Selenium Sulfide. This shampoo is used to treat certain scalp infections and dandruff. It is helpful in reducing irritation, itching, and the redness of the scalp. Major ingredient Selenium Sulfide used to treat the discoloration of the skin. It actually slows down the growth of yeast which is the major cause of the infection. 

For the treatment of scalp or dandruff use it according to the instructions of the manufacturer or with the doctor’s advice. First of all, wet the scalp gently. Massage the product onto the scalp and leave it for 2 to 3 minutes. After applying it every time rinse it properly from your hair and wash the scalp with water. Use it only once or twice a week. Use it less frequently to keep control over dandruff. This product has proven to be effective. The blue part of the name is because of the prominent blue bottle. The color of the shampoo is also blue. The foam which will be formed by mixing with water will also be blue. 

When you will use it first thing you will notice is the tingle of menthol. Some people will love this smell. After washing your hair with this shampoo you will notice luxurious and soft hair. There can be a lot of causes for dandruff such as dry skin, allergies, oily skin, and Malassezia and over the growth of bacteria. It is medicated shampoo so use this to fight against dandruff. You should perform proper dandruff treatment. You cannot just simply wash away the dandruff flakes. It is essential to treat that resource that is irritating your scalp. The main target of  Selsun Blue is to eliminate flakes and itch.  

Pros of Selsun Blue

Before buying any product it is important to be familiar with the pros and cons of the product. It is a medicated product. Most of the doctors preferred this for skin scalp issues. There are lots of benefits of using this anti-dandruff product. 

Ditch the dandruff

It is a perfect choice to fight against dandruff problems. Dandruff may be present due to the use of harsh shampoos. It has a maximum strength formula and daily use conditioner which is the best for healthier hair. 

Treats the skin issues

It has a balanced ph value. This will help to lessen dandruff and the scalp irritation. Such shampoos work best on dry hair, thick and thin hair, perms, blowouts, and color-treated hairstyles. 

Medicated shampoo

It is a medicated shampoo. It is better to use according to the instructions of a manufacturer or a skin doctor. It is effective for various skin issues so it is highly recommended by the doctors. It will treat dandruff, sensitive scalp, irritation problems, and skin redness issue. 

Healthier hair

After dealing with dandruff and eliminating dandruff flakes it provides healthier hair than before. Your hair will be more elastic and shiny than before. 

Perfect for hair fall problem

If you have a hair fall problem try this shampoo, your dry and hair fall issue will be resolved. You will enjoy long and healthy hair. 

Active ingredients

It has an active ingredient like Selenium Sulfide. This ingredient will kill the fungi and yeast both of these are the root causes for dandruff. So in this way, it can help you to get rid of dandruff without putting too much effort. 

Restores shine

It has a new formulation now. It has an ingredient named Honeyquat 50 this will help to moisturize the hair and restores shine as well. 

Cool and soothes the scalp

This shampoo is a cool product. It provides you with lots of benefits. It will remove dandruff and also soothes the sensitive scalp as well. It will provide you with some good feelings. 

Does everything that it says

It will perform all the tasks very well for which purpose it is made. Unlike the other products, there are lots of things that are mentioned on the label but practically they don’t do even half of them. 

Good smell 

It has a good smell. You will get the feel of menthol sensation. I like this smell. But there is a strong possibility that some people may don’t like this smell. 

Perfect against the itchy scalp

There are lots of shampoos that are designed for this purpose, but Selsun Blue is something special. For that reason, it is suggested by the doctors. If you have itchy scalp then don’t buy any other shampoo just go to the market and buy this one or you can order it online. 

Quick shipping

You will not have to wait for too long to get this product. So just ordered the product and you will receive it within days. You can also order it from Amazon. 

Cons of Selsun blue shampoo

  • While using this product takes some extra safety measures. Avoid contact with eyes. If it happens by mistake immediately wash the eyes with water. 
  • If your skin is sensitive it can be worse for you. So before using it consult the skin specialist. 


It is a perfect remedy for hair dandruff and sensitive skin scalp. It is medicated shampoo so use it with the advice of a doctor. If you are not getting the desired outcomes, stop the usage and contact the doctor and let him know the scenario. Use it at least twice a week for quick results. Otherwise, use it as directed by the doctor. 

It is much better anti-dandruff shampoo. It will remove the flakes of dandruff and will treat the skin problems as well. It has a good smell. It foams very well with water. It is perfect for healthier hair and a healthy scalp. There are some reviews that your hair might start to fall if that’s the case stop its usage and let the doctor know about this. 

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